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Manuel Herrera Coronado is the third generation of a family with strong links to wine. His grandfather was a well-known oenologist who consulted for established producers like Pérez Pascuas in Ribera del Duero. His father Pascual is a key figure in Castilla y León with ample experience in the world of wine and is the current chairman of the Regulatory Board of Cigales.

Born in Madrid in 1975, Manuel trained as a sommelier and launched several wine-focused restaurants and bars until he decided to become a winemaker himself —2013 was his first vintage. He fell in love with Cigales after discovering some very old Garnacha which used to be diluted in the blends of local rosés. Around that time, Manuel started making wine in Madrid too. He owns seven hectares of vines in Cigales and rents nine more, most of them at 800m of altitude. Current production both in Madrid and Cigales stands close to 40,000 bottles.

The range combines entry-level wines with amusing names like Musculoso (muscly), Espacial (spatial) or Caramulo (mule face) chosen with the help of his kids –their drawings have also inspired the wine labels– and the Finca Herrera line, focused on reflecting local terroirs and grapes. Two red wines are made under this brand in Cigales: a Tempranillo (about €13 in Spain, 4,000 bottles) and the Garnachas (in plural), a blend of red Garnacha, Garnacha Gris and Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante Bouschet). Also notable is Bailarina (9,500 bottles €7-8,), a white wine from DO Vinos de Madrid which means “dancer”. It is made with the indigenous white grape Malvar grown in the villages of Villarejo de Salvanés and Chinchón and was fermented in 5,000-litre concrete vats with its lees for about 30 days. It is a modern and attractive version of a variety which is rarely used to make interesting wines.


Bailarina Malvar Viñas Viejas 2014 Blanco
Finca Herrera Garnachas 2014 Tinto
Finca Herrera Tempranillo 2014 Tinto
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