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Passion for Spanish wine


This project, born on the 2000 vintage, is the result of a joint venture between the Luna family (Bodegas y Viñedos Luna Beberide) and the García brothers, Eduardo and Alberto (Mauro, Maurodos, Leda Viñas Viejas). Their father, Mariano García (former winemaker at Vega Sicilia for 30 years), had already worked with the Lunas in Bierzo evidencing the good rapport between the two families.

Vinification is carried out at the Luna Beberide facilities and includes just one wine, Paixar, which comes from 55 plots spread across 2.8 hectares at an altitude of 700-900 metres. Such mountainous areas are a natural habitat for wild boars who occasionally have to be disuaded from devouring the Mencía grapes planted among chestnut trees. In fact, “paixares” is the word used by locals to refer to the region's highlands.

Altitude variations may affect ripening times by as much as a week, but their aim is to harvest in just one day to compensate for the varying ripening stages in the bunches. Paixar is a red wine that definitely benefits from an aging potential of about four to six years in the bottle since the harvest date. It combines earthy and floral notes (rose petals in its youth and dried flowers as it evolves in the bottle) with peppery touches and the vibrant fruit that is typical of the area, It shows a warmth that is present in many Bierzo wines grown on slate soils but it has enough character to prove that it is a special wine with a sense of place.


Paixar 2011 Tinto