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A family winery pioneering Garnacha-driven reds in DO Méntrida (Central Spain), Jiménez-Landi tend 20Ha of their own plus 5Ha of rented vineyards. Vines are located on the pasture, scrubland landscape of Méntrida, the village in the lower part of the region, and the rugged hills of El Real de San Vicente, the only village in the appellation within the boundaries of the Gredos mountains. Vines are planted at 550-650m on the plain and at 750-850m on the mountains. Sandy granitic soils are dominant in both areas.

Wines are made in the estate’s ancient 16th century manor house. The old cave where large earthenware jars were kept is now used as bottle storage. The estate nowadays draws on the sweeping changes started in 2004 by cousins José and Dani Jiménez-Landi (Comando G, Dani Landi Viticultor) when they started producing terroir-driven Garnacha wines -a style that José has since continued on his own.

Garnacha is the star here although a small percentage of Syrah is blended in the entry-level reds. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel and wood vats with natural yeasts. While whole bunches are avoided or added in moderation to entry-level reds, grapes from El Real de San Vicente are not destemmed. The wines are aged in French oak barrels and foudres with volumes ranging from 500 to 3,000 litres.

With an average annual output of 100,000 bottles a year, the Jiménez-Landi range starts with three great-value reds. Championing a fragrant, aerial style, these three wines are a great presentation card for the area and its signature grape variety and include Syrah in the blend. Grapes for Bajondillo (45,000 bottles, €7.5) and El Corralón (30,000 bottles, under €10) are sourced from La Dehesa, a vineyard near the winery. Bajondillo is exclusively aged in concrete tanks and includes a small amount of Cabernet in the blend, whereas El Corralón combines foudres and barrels. Grapes for Sotorrondero (15,000 bottles, €14.5) are also sourced from Méntrida’s flatlands and is made with around 30% to 50% whole bunches.

Old-vine, high-altitude Garnacha from El Real de San Vicente is the base of the two top reds. There is a village wine called Piélago (7,500 bottles, €25) and the single-vineyard Ataulfos (2,500 bottles, €45).

The Amigos (friends) de Jiménez-Landi group offers participants the chance to visit the winery, take part in wine tastings with the producer, buying wines under special conditions or purchasing a barrel.


Jiménez-Landi El Corralón 2017 Tinto
Jiménez-Landi Bajondillo 2017 Tinto
Jiménez-Landi Piélago 2017 Tinto
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