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Part of the Marqués de Murrieta group, the Barrantes pazo (manor house) has belonged to the count of Creixell family since the beginning of the 20th century. Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga is the current title holder.

In the nineties, right in the midst of the Albariño boom in Rias Baixas, the family decided to transform the estate, strategically located in the Salnés area, to grow and produce this variety. A winery was built next to the manor house and the 1991 vintage was the first Pazo de Barrantes wine to be marketed.

Nowadays they own 17 hectares under vine and have control over two more. Total production reaches 100,000 bottles. The style of Pazo de Barrantes (14€ in Spain) is an Albariño with volume in the palate and bottled later than usual, which allows for better work with the lees. Great care is taken to keep yields under control and to fully ripen grapes in the vine so that malolactic fermentation can be avoided and the wine can keep in the bottle for up to three to four years after harvest date.

The 2009 vintage saw the launch of the winery's second wine, La Comtese (€30, 5,000-6,000 bottles), which is produced with grapes from the oldest vineyard in the estate, known as Pago Cacheiro. The aim is to make a highly concentrated, mineral Albariño. Modern vinification techniques are applied with subtle oak treatments, avoiding the use of barrels in favour of fermenting and aging the wine in 3,000 litre oak vats. The 2010 vintage is particularly interesting.

New facilities are expected to be operational by 2018. Concrete eggs are a new, interesting addition, to the point that 50% of Pazo de Barrantes is expected to be aged in them in the near future.


Pazo Barrantes 2015 Blanco
La Comtesse 2013 Blanco


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