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Passion for Spanish wine

REWARDS #winelovers

Win six Demeter-certified wines

Plus a biodynamic tour for two of the Gramona estate in Catalonia

Experience what this philosophy is about

Plus a biodynamic tour for two of the Gramona estate in Catalonia
Gramona, a leading Cava producer

Gramona, a leading Cava producer

This century-old family winery located in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the heart of Cava country has achieved spectacular results in the aging of sparkling wines for extended periods. Several factors have allowed Gramona to gain a leading position: turning Xarel.lo into the backbone variety for their cavas, using cork stoppers for aging and their permanent search of excellence. As a matter of fact, they produce four Cava de Paraje Calificado, the new single-vineyard category in the appellation.

The move to biodynamics

The move to biodynamics

A step beyond organics, biodynamic practices are based on the insights of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner who advocated for a balance between the cosmos and the mineral, vegetable and animal realms. With regards to winegrowing, this means eschewing chemicals in order to bring life back to soils and using herb infusions and specific preparations according to the biodynamic calendar. By embracing this philosophy, Gramona shows respect for the land of their ancestors, obtains healthier grapes and improves both its still and sparkling wine ranges.

Six wines and a biodynamic tour

Six wines and a biodynamic tour

Gramona is looking forward to sharing its passion for biodynamics with the winner of our draw and a companion. Apart from receiving six still wines bearing the Demeter biodynamic seal (Font Jui, La Maca, Mart, Mas Escorpí, Savinat and Bru), the winner will have the chance to visit the producer, experience what biodynamics is about and see major changes following the arrival of animals and the opening of new storage facilities destined to biodynamic preparations.

Win six Demeter-certified wines plus a biodynamic tour for two of the Gramona estate

This promotion ends 30 April 2018.

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