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Luis Arnedo produces wines en Aldeanueva de Ebro (Rioja Baja) using only his own vines, which have been planted by either his grandfather, his father or himself. No wonder he intends to make the most of them, working hard both in the vineyard and at the winery. Arnedo is lucky to have French producer Olivier Rivère as a consultant, who in return gets the space needed to make his own wines at Lacus.

The resulting wines from such particular deal are unconventional indeed, a fact that the brand name Inédito (it means unpublished, in English) further underlines.

Inédito 3/3 (around €7-8 in Spain) is the entry level red. The name refers to the three grape varieties (Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano) in the blend which Luis grows in his vineyards. An easy-to-drink unoaked wine, it is made with young vines and fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats. Inédito S (€11) is a rare blend of 60% Graciano, part of which ferments in cement, and 40% Garnacha in whole bunches. It is more consistent than its younger sibling —older vines are used here but even more important is the shift towards a fresher style within Rioja Baja. There’s also a single-varietal Graciano called Inédito H12 (€19) that is only made in outstanding vintages.

As expected, whites are far from ordinary too. Inédito Blanco (€15) is a single varietal Garnacha Blanca (there are only a few examples in Rioja, all of them relatively new) made with 50 year-old vines and aged for seven months in barrel. Inédito Turrax (€13) is even more unique. Grapes come from a very young vineyard planted with Maturana Blanca and Turruntés (the local name for Albillo Mayor). Based on the exotic character it displays at this early stage, it will certainly be interesting to track future vintages.


Inédito 3/3 2014 Tinto
Inédito 2013 Blanco
Inédito Turrax 2014 Blanco
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