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Founded in 1987 by businessman and restaurateur Gonzalo Antón along with a group of friends from the Basque capital Vitoria, this Rioja Alavesa winery was the start of what today forms Grupo Artevino, with Bodegas Orben also in Rioja (Laguardia), Finca Villacreces (Ribera del Duero) and Bodegas Vetus (Toro).

This Villabuena-based producer obtains its grapes from over 180Ha, 100 of which are own by Izadi. All of them are located on the Sierra de Cantabria foothills, in a triangle formed by the villages of Villabuena, Samaniego and Ábalos and whose average size is under 1,5 hectares. The triangle on their labels tries to highlight this fact.

While the Crianza (€9, 800,000 bottles) is widely available, Izadi Selección (€13, 95,000 bottles) sources grapes from the oldest vineyards with an average age of 60 years and includes 20% of Graciano alongside the prevailing Tempranillo.

El Regalo Reserva (20,000 bottles, €19) is a single vineyard red which aims to be classified as “v...

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