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An overview of the 2023 en primeurs from Spain

Amaya Cervera | July 16th, 2024

The idea of buying wine as futures also works for Spanish wines. We take a look at the 2023 vintages tasted at the en primeur presentations held by Vila Viniteca and Primeras Marcas in Madrid.

Tastings 2024-07-16 10:07:11

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Tempos Vega Sicilia sets on a mission to craft subtler reds

Amaya Cervera | July 9th, 2024

The new vintages that this renowned Spanish group is set to release in the coming months confirm the trend towards elegant, less structured reds with finely textured palates.

Wineries to watch 2024-07-09 10:07:53


Barco del Corneta Verdejo: white wine with a vocation for cellaring

Amaya Cervera | June 25th, 2024

What is the lifespan of a good quality Verdejo? The vertical tasting of seven vintages of Barco del Corneta helped us to establish a horizon of about a decade after the harvest.

Tastings 2024-06-25 03:06:33

Wineries to watch

Félix Callejo embraces a terroir-driven approach in Ribera del Duero

Amaya Cervera | June 9th, 2024

The Callejo siblings, the second generation to run the winery founded by their parents, have embraced organic farming, shifted the focus of their wines and thoroughly explored the diversity of terroirs in Sotillo de la Ribera.

Wineries to watch 2024-06-09 07:06:39

Wine regions

Jumilla: a story of resiliency and survival

Amaya Cervera | May 28th, 2024

Despite the threat of climate change, Jumilla has mastered dry farming. The area relies on high elevation, soils with excellent water retention and a highly resistant grape variety that can withstand extreme conditions.

Wine regions 2024-05-28 05:05:50

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José Antonio García: the charm of a small family winery in Bierzo

Amaya Cervera | May 5th, 2024

Perhaps more than in other regions, winegrowing in Bierzo is done on a human scale. José Antonio García Viticultor is an example of what a family can achieve by focusing on the quality and identity of its vineyards.

Wineries to watch 2024-05-05 01:05:43


Dominio del Águila Albillo: introducing a great Spanish white

Amaya Cervera | April 13th, 2024

White wines are a small niche in Ribera del Duero, but the quality achieved by Dominio del Águila in this category is impressive. We experienced this to the full at a recent vertical tasting organised by Vinoteca La Mercería near Madrid.

Tastings 2024-04-13 11:04:18

Wineries to watch

Raúl Moreno brings a disruptive vision to the wines of Jerez

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | April 8th, 2024

Born in Seville, but a globetrotter by nature, this producer and winemaker has settled in Cádiz to create very personal wines that reflect much of what he has learned during his life on different continents.

Wineries to watch 2024-04-08 09:04:45


The women who are breaking ground in grape growing

Amaya Cervera | March 7th, 2024

Viticulture has transcended its traditional male-dominated status. We talk to six leading female professionals in grape farming: a wine grower, a consultant, a head of viticulture, an estate manager, a multi-talented wine professional and a researcher.

People 2024-03-07 06:03:25

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Vinos en Voz Baja explores the essence of Rioja Oriental

Amaya Cervera | March 3rd, 2024

With barely six hectares under vine and fewer than 30,000 bottles, the company founded by partners Carlos Mazo and Isabel Ruiz is emerging in the 2022 vintage as one of the most interesting and finest voices in Rioja Oriental.

Wineries to watch 2024-03-03 05:03:59

Wineries to watch

Fuentes del Silencio: a labour of love to recover forgotten vineyards in León

Amaya Cervera | February 4th, 2024

This winery is the result of the generous actions of the Alonso Galera family. They are committed to recovering the wine heritage of this remote area in León province and to rescuing vines that had fallen into oblivion.

Wineries to watch 2024-02-04 10:02:25

Wineries to watch

Las Pedreras, young talent and new vineyards in the Gredos mountains

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 9th, 2024

In a small village in the mountains of Ávila, west of Madrid, oenologist Bárbara Requejo and her partner, chef Guzmán Sánchez, are building an inspiring project with old vine Garnacha and new plantings at high elevation.

Wineries to watch 2024-01-09 01:01:16


Spanish producers navigate a challenging and demanding 2023 vintage

Amaya Cervera | December 19th, 2023

In recent years, harvests in Spain have become something of a rollercoaster. 2023 will be remembered for an ongoing drought in many areas, a severe heatwave at the end of August and the variable impact of the rain in September.

Vintages 2023-12-19 09:12:58

Wineries to watch

Eduardo Eguren delves into Sonsierra’s terroir trough Cuentaviñas

Amaya Cervera | December 4th, 2023

The son of Rioja’s star winemaker Marcos Eguren, Eduardo left the Sierra Cantabria family group to start on his own focusing on limited-production, super premium single-vineyard wines from San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Wineries to watch 2023-12-04 01:12:18


Turó d’en Mota: ageing gracefully since 1999

Amaya Cervera | November 21st, 2023

Recaredo has celebrated the 25th anniversary of Turó d'en Mota, its single vineyard long-aged sparkling wine, with a vertical tasting of all its vintages and the launch of 1999 Enoteca, whose first vintage was released in 2008.

Tastings 2023-11-21 10:11:11

Wineries to watch

De La Riva: treasuring sites and old wines in Sherry country

Amaya Cervera | November 6th, 2023

Despite their own personal projects, Willy Pérez and Ramiro Ibáñez have found in De La Riva a place to delve deeper into the traditional wines of their region and to connect with increasingly passionate and knowledgeable sherry lovers.

Wineries to watch 2023-11-06 05:11:40

Wine regions

Navarra’s fate is inextricably linked to Garnacha

Amaya Cervera | October 22nd, 2023

Despite a dramatic loss of land, this variety is the strongest binding element in a vast region with diverse landscapes and climatic conditions, and the one behind its most exciting recent releases.

Wine regions 2023-10-22 06:10:38

Wineries to watch

Aseginoloza & Leunda: evocative Garnachas that began as a hobby

Amaya Cervera | October 8th, 2023

Basque names are not easy to pronounce, but any Garnacha from Jon Aseginolaza and Pedro Leunda that you come across is synonymous with meticulous viticulture and wines capable of capturing the landscape.

Wineries to watch 2023-10-08 07:10:41

Wine investment

De La Riva, Algueira and Matallana, new releases at La Place de Bordeaux

Amaya Cervera | September 19th, 2023

Three new Spanish wines have been released this month at La Place de Bordeaux, including the first white to reach this market: an unfortified vino de pasto from the legendary Macharnudo vineyard in Jerez made by De La Riva.

Wine investment 2023-09-19 09:09:41

Wineries to watch

50 years of Contino, a single-vineyard pioneer in Rioja

Amaya Cervera | September 10th, 2023

With a new winemaker appointed in 2017 and half a century in business, this idyllic estate, part of the CVNE group, is working hard to meet the challenges of global warming, changing markets and the burgeoning state of the Rioja region.

Wineries to watch 2023-09-10 06:09:31

Wineries to watch

Pep Rodríguez, from Soca-Rel: growing local varieties in Mallorca

Amaya Cervera | July 11th, 2023

His story and the twists and turns he has taken to make it in the wine business are almost as fascinating as his creations. Could this humble producer become Mallorca's next cult vigneron?

Wineries to watch 2023-07-11 06:07:23


The rich heritage of local varieties in Mallorca

Amaya Cervera | June 13th, 2023

The long, arduous process of recovering Mallorca's native varieties continues to produce results. While Giró Ros and Gorgollassa are expanding, grapes such as Escursac, Esperó de Gall, Vinater or Callet Negrella are appearing on some labels.

Grapes 2023-06-13 07:06:32

Wineries to watch

Perelada looks to the future as it marks its 100th anniversary

Amaya Cervera | June 6th, 2023

The company is celebrating its 100th anniversary with an eye on the future. It has just inaugurated a state-of-the-art winery designed to make better wines, seems ready to embrace generational change and is keen to expand sales beyond Catalonia.

Wineries to watch 2023-06-06 10:06:46

Wineries to watch

Vignerons de la Sonsierra: crafting fine wines from a medieval cellar

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | May 9th, 2023

They started just seven years ago, but the project that José Gil and Vicky Fernández have built in San Vicente is one of Rioja's most interesting. Passion, intuition and a clear vision of the future are some of the keys to their success.

Wineries to watch 2023-05-09 06:05:02


La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2015, declared a special vintage

Amaya Cervera | April 18th, 2023

The Selección Especial recognition had previously been given to other iconic brands from this century-old winery, such as Viña Ardanza 2010 and 2001, and Gran Reserva 890 2005 and 2001. This is the first time ever for the silky 904.

Tastings 2023-04-18 05:04:06

Wineries to watch

Victoria Ordóñez and her mission to breathe life back into Montes de Málaga

Amaya Cervera | April 6th, 2023

Nowadays, Málaga is often associated with the dry and sweet Moscatel-based whites from the rugged Axarquía region. But the famed wines of the past came from the mountains surrounding this coastal city, where Pedro Ximénez reigned supreme.

Wineries to watch 2023-04-06 05:04:33

Spanish terroirs

The challenges of starting up as a wine producer (and II)

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 22nd, 2023

In this second part, we talk to the protagonists of two mentoring projects in Labastida, one run by Bodegas Tierra and the other initiated by Telmo Rodríguez in Remelluri.

Spanish terroirs 2023-03-22 07:03:20

Spanish terroirs

The challenges of starting up as a wine producer (I)

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 14th, 2023

Taking on the adventure of making wine requires hard work, passion and, of course, money. Even if they own a vineyard, it is not easy for most newcomers to get started in a field that Rioja producer Abel Mendoza describes as "the business of happiness”

Spanish terroirs 2023-03-14 08:03:03

Wineries to watch

Lagravera: making wine in the land of erased vines

Amaya Cervera | March 6th, 2023

North of Lleida, in inland Catalonia, the recovery and transformation of a gravel pit into a vineyard has benefited from the recovery of some old plots that are a veritable repository of ancient grape varieties.

Wineries to watch 2023-03-06 06:03:40


BWW 2023: Three days to showcase the diversity of Spanish wine

Amaya Cervera | February 14th, 2023

The growing number of visitors and exhibitors and the extensive programme of tastings and presentations strengthens BWW as the leading fair for Spanish wine. And its inclusive format lures wineries of all sizes and styles.

Tastings 2023-02-14 05:02:33

Wineries to watch

Bodegas San Alejandro: a model cooperative in Calatayud

Amaya Cervera | February 4th, 2023

This female-led winery from Aragon eludes all the clichés usually associated with cooperatives. Their exporting drive and ability to forge alliances with powerful partners has resulted in a qualitative breakthrough.

Wineries to watch 2023-02-04 04:02:18

Wine regions

Bobal, a hidden gem among bulk wines in Ribera del Júcar

Amaya Cervera | January 17th, 2023

In an appellation where cooperatives are dominant, a small group of local and external producers are unlocking the potential of old vine Bobal grown on stony soils and begin to define a voice of their own for the region.

Wine regions 2023-01-17 06:01:11

Wineries to watch

O Cabalín: Reviving abandoned vineyards in Valdeorras

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 10th, 2023

With three hectares and upwards of 30 plots, Teresa López champions a brave project to bring back to life the old vines that once covered the slate slopes of the Casoio river valley, close to the border with Castilla y León.

Wineries to watch 2023-01-10 11:01:49


Harvest report 2022

Amaya Cervera | December 13th, 2022

The unprecedent heat and drought experienced in 2022 has pushed Spanish producers to strengthen some practices, reconsider others and, above all, realise that they cannot take their eyes off the vineyard.

Vintages 2022-12-13 04:12:36

Wineries to watch

Vega Sicilia Único 1942-2013

Amaya Cervera | December 6th, 2022

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the purchase of Vega Sicilia by the Álvarez family. Celebrations included an unforgettable vertical tasting of Único with a selection of vintages from 2013 to 1942.

Wineries to watch 2022-12-06 02:12:55


Spanish producers seek international exposure at La Place de Bordeaux

Amaya Cervera | November 22nd, 2022

Spanish producers want to have a presence at La Place de Bordeaux. We talk to the first wineries to make their debut there, as well as experts and observers to find out how it works and what it can mean for the wines that make it there.

Trends 2022-11-22 09:11:36

Wineries to watch

Bernardo Ortega, a new name in Castilla-La Mancha

Amaya Cervera | November 3rd, 2022

A producer with family roots in La Mancha, Ortega bravely delves into the region’s cultural codes and historic wine styles making wines with the modest Airén variety in the region’s traditional tinajas.

Wineries to watch 2022-11-03 06:11:47


Emilio Rojo 2004-2019: a once-in-a-lifetime tasting

Amaya Cervera | October 17th, 2022

The white wine that has been the benchmark in terms of quality and price over the last two decades in Ribeiro can age gracefully. We had the chance to experience this at a unique vertical tasting arranged by the estate’s new ownership.

Tastings 2022-10-17 12:10:42

Wineries to watch

Aurelio & Micaela: bringing refinement to Bobal and other wine adventures

Amaya Cervera | October 9th, 2022

This couple of veteran winemakers have set up their own bodega at home in Cuenca, central Spain, to produce the sort of wines they like to drink. Their first achievement: producing velvety reds from the Bobal variety.

Wineries to watch 2022-10-09 09:10:36

Spanish terroirs

Llanos Negros, a Malvasía grand cru in the island of La Palma

Amaya Cervera | September 13th, 2022

There are fewer than 15 hectares on the lapilli that fell during the eruption of the San Antonio volcano in 1677, but the Malvasia wines that emerge from this black soil caressed by the sea breeze have great opulence and character.

Spanish terroirs 2022-09-13 04:09:11

Wineries to watch

Mestres: the long-ageing bodega that has always championed Cava

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | September 6th, 2022

With over seven centuries farming vineyards in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Mestres launched the first brut nature cava in 1945. Now, the 29th generation maintains the artisan tradition of the first bottlings and the classic character in its range of wines.

Wineries to watch 2022-09-06 12:09:14

Recommended wines

Ten Spanish whites to enjoy this summer, including some orange wines

Amaya Cervera | July 19th, 2022

This week we publish our second article with wines that we have enjoyed in recent months. It's time for whites now, so they might come in handy to cope with this summer's high temperatures.

Recommended wines 2022-07-19 02:07:42

Wineries to watch

100 years of Toro Albalá: changing everything so nothing changes

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | July 5th, 2022

The Montilla-Moriles producer, who has created its own style of Pedro Ximénez wines, embarks on a new chapter with the arrival of a new generation who seeks to maintain Antonio Sánchez's tradition of craftsmanship but adapted to the 21st century.

Wineries to watch 2022-07-05 08:07:00


The human factor in Sherry and Montilla, by Willy Pérez and Ramiro Ibáñez

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 15th, 2022

The tasting offered by this duo at Vinoble 2022 aroused the usual expectation that often accompanies them and focused on eight people who have changed the rules of the game in traditional Andalusian wines from the 18th century to the present day.

People 2022-06-15 05:06:03

Wineries to watch

Miguel Merino: the ups and downs of the second generation

Amaya Cervera | June 6th, 2022

Miguel Merino's story shows that there is no easy way to take the reins of a family winery. In fact, the toughest path can eventually lead to the most captivating wines.

Wineries to watch 2022-06-06 07:06:35


DWWA: Inside the world’s largest wine competition

Amaya Cervera | May 17th, 2022

Judging at the DWWA (Decanter World Wine Awards) has allowed us to find out more about the ins and outs of this competition, which assessed almost 18,500 wines — 2,400 from Spain— in its most recent edition.

Tastings 2022-05-17 04:05:31

Wineries to watch

Mas Doix: reds from Priorat that age in style

Amaya Cervera | May 4th, 2022

The Poboleda-based producer organised an extensive vertical tasting of its three top reds, 1902, 1903 and Doix, dating back to 2001. It was a great chance to see their evolution and delve into the contrasting universes of Garnacha and Cariñena.

Wineries to watch 2022-05-04 07:05:51


BWW 2022 confirms the vitality of the Spanish wine scene

Amaya Cervera | April 12th, 2022

Spain's most important wine fair brought together more than 650 exhibitors at Barcelona's Fira as well as a busy line-up of off-site activities, including Gramona's centenary celebration amid the vineyards.

Tastings 2022-04-12 04:04:29

Wineries to watch

Pagos de Villavendimia: preserving old bush vines in Rueda

Amaya Cervera | April 1st, 2022

The Vidal family is a rara avis in Rueda. Based in the village of La Seca, the brother and sister team tend their vines in the traditional way and produce an impressive range of limited, single-vineyard wines that can age beautifully.

Wineries to watch 2022-04-01 08:04:58

Spanish terroirs

Montilla-Moriles whites: a renewed vision of terroir

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 16th, 2022

The historic greatness of the wines of Montilla-Moriles lies in the biologically and oxidative aged Pedro Ximénez wines, but the future of this Andalusian region is also likely to involve its new terroir-based white wines.

Spanish terroirs 2022-03-16 08:03:35

Wineries to watch

Remírez de Ganuza explores new paths in Rioja

Amaya Cervera | March 8th, 2022

A beacon of modernity in Rioja in the 1990s, Remírez de Ganuza has significantly raised the quality of its white wines with the release of a Gran Reserva and is about to launch two elegant and refined reds.

Wineries to watch 2022-03-08 04:03:37


Tempos Vega Sicilia breaks new ground in white wines

Amaya Cervera | February 10th, 2022

Pablo Álvarez, CEO of Tempos Vega Sicilia, announces the group’s new €20 investement in Rías Baixas during the presentation of the 40th anniversary of his family’s acquisition of the legendary Ribera del Duero house.

News 2022-02-10 09:02:48

Wineries to watch

Viña Zorzal: Navarra varieties, landscape and international outlook

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | February 8th, 2022

They do not meet the definition of successful producers, but the Sanz brothers have accomplished something that few bodegas in humble areas do: To improve the perceived quality of Navarra wines and to attract top winemakers to create wines with them.

Wineries to watch 2022-02-08 01:02:46


Huetz de Lemps: the man who documented the vineyards of Spain’s northwest

Amaya Cervera | January 25th, 2022

The Spanish translation of Vignobles et vins du Nord-Ouest de l’Espagne has brought to light the exhaustive work of Alain Huetz de Lemps, the now nonagenarian geographer who tirelessly explored this area during the 1950s and 1960s.

Books 2022-01-25 04:01:24

Wineries to watch

Barco del Corneta: Verdejo from another perspective

Amaya Cervera | January 8th, 2022

Despite its modest beginnings, this producer working outside the DO Rueda has become a flagship winery in barely a decade. Its success proves that there is room for small, terroir-focused wine businesses in this region.

Wineries to watch 2022-01-08 12:01:41

Recommended wines

Two dozen sparkling wines to enjoy this Christmas

Amaya Cervera | December 21st, 2021

Despite the fact that Catalan sparkling wines have grown more complicated in the last decade, there has never been such a wealth of exciting bubbly in the area. These are some of our favourite sips.

Recommended wines 2021-12-21 11:12:08

Wineries to watch

Deconstructing Vega Sicilia Único

Amaya Cervera | December 7th, 2021

A fascinating tasting with winemaker Gonzalo Iturriaga helped us to understand the complexity and nuances involved in the making of this legendary Ribera del Duero wine with ten years of ageing.

Wineries to watch 2021-12-07 04:12:19


Harvest report 2021 (II): Southern Spain

Amaya Cervera | November 24th, 2021

Continuing with our 2021 harvest report, we publish the impressions of the producers who work in the southern half of the country. Once again we have asked them about the key factors that shaped the vintage and how the wines are developing.

Vintages 2021-11-24 09:11:57


Harvest report 2021 (I): North of Spain

Amaya Cervera | November 23rd, 2021

We talked to producers all across the country to find out their impressions of the 2021 harvest: the pros and cons, the key factors that shaped the year, and how the wines are developing. In this first part we look at Spain's northern half.

Vintages 2021-11-23 05:11:26

Wineries to watch

Yjar sets the path to excellence in Remelluri’s new era

Amaya Cervera | November 4th, 2021

The release of Yjar, the first Rioja to be sold through the Place de Bordeaux shows the hard work done by Telmo Rodríguez since his return to Remelluri, the family’s property in Labastida.

Wineries to watch 2021-11-04 08:11:59

Wine regions

Arribes: A hidden treasure in the Duero River valley

Amaya Cervera | October 19th, 2021

On the border with Portugal, one of the most remote, overlooked regions in the Duero River valley is gaining interest thanks to its fascinating landscapes, the singularity of its soils and an unusual wealth of grape varieties.

Wine regions 2021-10-19 10:10:10

Wineries to watch

A winegrowing Noah's Ark on the Añina vineyard in Jerez

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 4th, 2021

Alberto Orte and Patrick Mata started selling Spanish wine in the US in 1999. Now they manage one of the most respected importing companies in the country and are immersed in the recovery of historic Andalusian varieties in their 16ha under vine in Jerez

Wineries to watch 2021-10-04 08:10:23


A tasting of the historic and largely forgotten wines of Malaga

Amaya Cervera | September 22nd, 2021

Earlier this month, we had the chance to attend a tasting of historic and old Málaga wines. It was a timely occasion to delve into the rich heritage of a region which reached its peak in the 18th century.

Tastings 2021-09-22 08:09:06

Wineries to watch

Sara Pérez, the winemaker who doesn’t fear risk

Amaya Cervera | September 7th, 2021

Some wine producers obsessively pursue perfection. Sara Pérez is more interested in understanding the reality that surrounds her and capturing it in a glass of wine. But this often means thinking out of the box and taking risks.

Wineries to watch 2021-09-07 04:09:15

Wineries to watch

Queirón: a family house on the beach in Rioja Oriental

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | August 5th, 2021

The owners of Ontañón, one of the largest bodegas in Rioja, have recovered vineyards and caves in the Barrio de Bodegas in Quel to fulfill the dream of the patriarch, Gabriel Pérez, of making wines in his home village with the finest family grapes.

Wineries to watch 2021-08-05 08:08:03

Recommended wines

Our favourite releases tasted at Innoble Wine Fest (and II)

Amaya Cervera | July 28th, 2021

This is our second article featuring new releases tasted at Innoble, the very entertaining wine fest held in Sanlúcar de Barrameda late in June. In this case the focus is on white and fortified wines from Andalucía as well as reds.

Recommended wines 2021-07-28 08:07:03

Recommended wines

Our favourite releases tasted at Innoble Wine Fest (I)

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | July 20th, 2021

A real favourite among wine events, Innoble brings together the most interesting producers of Andalucía with other exciting names from across Spain in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. These were some of our discoveries in the latest edition.

Recommended wines 2021-07-20 11:07:35

Wineries to watch

Alma Carraovejas and the push of the second generation

Amaya Cervera | July 5th, 2021

Since Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses took over the wine interests of the family group in 2007, the business has grown significatively with new wineries in Ribera del Duero, Galicia and Rioja, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a foundation.

Wineries to watch 2021-07-05 10:07:17

Wine regions

What to expect from the new Bierzo categories

Amaya Cervera | June 22nd, 2021

The first wines labelled as villa (village) and paraje (lieux-dit) in Bierzo are those from the 2018 and 2019 vintages. This is my account of the new categories and the quality of the wines after a recent trip to the region.

Wine regions 2021-06-22 06:06:16

In depth

Álvaro Ribalta MW gets to grips with sparkling wines from Penedès

Álvaro Ribalta | June 14th, 2021

The latest Spaniard to become Master of Wine shares with SWL readers the findings of his research paper on the complex scenario of sparkling wines produced using the traditional method in the Catalan region of Penedès.

In depth 2021-06-14 06:06:03

Wineries to watch

Bodegas Cerrón talks terroir in Jumilla

Amaya Cervera | June 4th, 2021

In Fuente Álamo (Albacete, Murcia), the fourth generation of the Cerdán family is taking their vines of Airén and Monastrell to the next stage by bottling specific sites. Their new terroir-driven, beautifully presented wines are worth searching.

Wineries to watch 2021-06-04 08:06:56


Obituary: Alejandro Fernández (1932-2021), founder of Pesquera

Amaya Cervera | May 24th, 2021

The legendary Castilian producer, who converted the type of reds he loved to drink into the style that went on to define Ribera del Duero, died at the age of 88 in Santander. With his passing, a whole era of Spanish wine comes to an end.

People 2021-05-24 01:05:57

Spanish terroirs

Soria: where old vines make a difference in Ribera del Duero

Amaya Cervera | May 18th, 2021

The most remote province in the eastern end of Ribera del Duero is attracting the interest of many wineries in search of cool climate vineyards. Last year, an association of local producers was launched to champion Soria’s amazing old vine heritage.

Spanish terroirs 2021-05-18 06:05:20

Wineries to watch

César Márquez, a promising name in Bierzo

Amaya Cervera | May 7th, 2021

For many, he is just the nephew of Raúl Pérez, but one only needs to visit his winery in Valtuille de Abajo and delve a little deeper into his project to realise that César Márquez is carving his own path in this beautiful region of Spain’s northwe

Wineries to watch 2021-05-07 08:05:47

Wineries to watch

Dominio de Atauta: making wine in a paradise of hundred-year-old vines

Amaya Cervera | April 6th, 2021

With over two decades of experience under its belt, the producer who championed the treasure trove of extremely old vines from Soria, in Ribera del Duero's eastern end, keeps on exploring the potential of the fascinating Atauta Valley.

Wineries to watch 2021-04-06 02:04:39

Spanish terroirs

Mead: from Game of Thrones to sharing a space with wine in restaurants

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 23rd, 2021

Moncalvillo Meadery, the new project of the Echapresto family (Venta Moncalvillo, La Rioja), in partnership with winemaker Sergio Sáenz, equates this honey and water-based drink with wine. Both are served side by side in their starred restaurant.

Spanish terroirs 2021-03-23 12:03:55

Wineries to watch

Amaren: A family legacy and the search for wines with truth

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 9th, 2021

The winery in Samaniego owned by Luis Cañas Family is focused on old vineyards, the recovery of ancient varieties and single vineyard wines. Jon Cañas, 33, member of the third generation, and his experienced team, ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Wineries to watch 2021-03-09 12:03:36


Tintilla de Rota, a rising star in Andalucía

Amaya Cervera | February 24th, 2021

Despite having the same DNA as Graciano and sharing some features, the wines being made now in southern Spain with Tintilla de Rota are very different. Historically used to make sweet wines, it is now time to explore this grape’s versatility.

Grapes 2021-02-24 10:02:50

Wineries to watch

Gratias: reviving indigenous grapes in southeast Spain

Amaya Cervera | February 6th, 2021

What difference could 50,000 bottles make in the ocean of wine in Castilla-La Mancha? For one thing, they explore the potential of the red Bobal and white Tardana varieties, and avoid the uprooting of vineyards with peculiar grapes such as Pintaíllo.

Wineries to watch 2021-02-06 11:02:48


A history of vines and grape varieties in Spain

Félix Cabello | January 19th, 2021

Is it possible to trace the origins of wine and grape varieties back to the first wild varieties grown in the Iberian Peninsula? Our varieties expert has gathered all the existing literature on this topic.

Grapes 2021-01-19 06:01:40

Wineries to watch

A new lease of life for the long-forgotten wines of Asturias

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 6th, 2021

Beatriz Pérez and Pepe Flórez quit scientific research to grow vines on the slopes of Cangas del Narcea, an area whose winemaking tradition dates back to the 9th century. With a great deal of work, Bodega Vidas now produces eight wines from 16 plots.

Wineries to watch 2021-01-06 08:01:43


An inspiring tasting of some rare, extremely old Sherry

Amaya Cervera | December 22nd, 2020

You rarely get the chance to taste some of the oldest wines in the Sherry Triangle in just three weeks. Everything from old González Byass vintages through the Osborne Rare and VORS wines to the Barbadillo Reliquias.

Tastings 2020-12-22 01:12:27

Wineries to watch

Forjas del Salnés, the producer who revived the red wines of Rías Baixas

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | December 9th, 2020

'Albariño in large containers, and broth in small pots' is a saying that Rodri Méndez takes to heart in his whites but also in his reds made from traditional varieties in this coastal area of Galicia.

Wineries to watch 2020-12-09 09:12:24


Harvest report 2020 (II): Southern Spain

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | November 24th, 2020

Following Amaya Cervera's comprehensive report describing the vintage in the northern half of the country and the Balearic Islands, this week we publish the views of over a dozen producers in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Vintages 2020-11-24 08:11:42


Harvest report 2020 (I): North of Spain

Amaya Cervera | November 17th, 2020

The most difficult vintage in recent times shows considerable variations across the country. Although mildew caused extensive damage to the plants and Covid to humans, some producers are expecting to make excellent wines.

Vintages 2020-11-17 04:11:12

Wineries to watch

Peter Sisseck: “The solera is Spain’s gift to the world”

Amaya Cervera | November 4th, 2020

The pandemic has not dampened the excitement generated by the release of the first wine made in Jerez by the man behind Pingus. SWL met Peter Sisseck to learn more about his vision of the region, its terroir and the way he is handling his soleras.

Wineries to watch 2020-11-04 07:11:33


Ribera del Duero sets eyes on Rioja

Amaya Cervera | October 27th, 2020

The dynamics between Spain’s two most distinctive red wine producing regions may be changing. Whereas Rioja has traditionally invested in Ribera, the tables have now turned. Carraovejas and Mauro have just picked their first grapes in Rioja.

Trends 2020-10-27 11:10:05

Wine regions

The metamorphosis of txakoli

Amaya Cervera | October 13th, 2020

A better knowledge of the territory and new styles have brought profound changes to txakoli in the Basque Country. Unless you are familiar with brands and producers, the contents of a bottle can range nowadays from predictable to highly surprising.

Wine regions 2020-10-13 03:10:00

Wineries to watch

Villota: wines born on a singular meander in Rioja Alavesa

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 6th, 2020

For decades, the grapes grown on the spectacular estate owned by Ricardo Pérez Villota's family in Laserna were destined to make Contino wines. Now, Ricardo and his daughter Carmen have created a new and unique project on the banks of the Ebro River.

Wineries to watch 2020-10-06 08:10:14


The rebirth of ancient grape varieties in Castilla-La Mancha

Amaya Cervera | September 15th, 2020

In an area dominated by large cooperatives and huge volumes of wine, a handful of small producers are recovering forgotten grape varieties. These are some of the new names to follow.

Grapes 2020-09-15 04:09:56

Wineries to watch

Doniene Gorrondona, the spirit of coastal txakoli

Amaya Cervera | September 7th, 2020

Perhaps not as well-known as other producers in the DO Bizkaiko Txakolina, Doniene is a veteran name in the area crafting pure, distinctive txakolis and successfully experimenting with niche wines.

Wineries to watch 2020-09-07 10:09:26

Wineries to watch

Fulcro: new wines that enhance the diversity of Rías Baixas

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | August 12th, 2020

He has been producing wine for a little over a decade, but Manuel "Chicho" Moldes is making steady progress in his efforts to bottle the diversity of soils and varieties of the Salnés region out of his small bodega-garage in the family home.

Wineries to watch 2020-08-12 06:08:53

Recommended wines

Spanish rosés: a vibrant and diverse selection

Amaya Cervera | August 9th, 2020

Pink is arguably the happiest colour to have in our glasses in such a challenging year. Regardless of how you feel about this, it is a great time to explore the unwavering dynamism of Spanish rosés.

Recommended wines 2020-08-09 11:08:37


“As long as there is a surplus of grapes, it will be difficult to lift the image of Cava”

Amaya Cervera | July 24th, 2020

Following Cava’s announcement last week of a long-awaited territorial division and tougher quality requirements, we interview Javier Pagés, president of the Cava Board. He talks of changes and unveils further details about the new regulation.

People 2020-07-24 07:07:30

Wineries to watch

The Malvar trilogy and other intriguing wines by Más Que Vinos

Amaya Cervera | July 5th, 2020

As consultants, Alexandra Schmedes, Margarita (May) Madrigal and Gonzalo Rodríguez are behind some well-known Spanish wines, but the ones they produce in Toledo are among the best in Castilla-La Mancha.

Wineries to watch 2020-07-05 01:07:41


Building fruitful partnerships with cooperatives

Amaya Cervera | June 24th, 2020

We explore several partnerships between private producers and cooperatives which have rewarded local growers with higher prices for their grapes while preventing the uprooting of vines and raising the overall quality in their respective areas.

Trends 2020-06-24 10:06:07

Wineries to watch

Artisan Wine Attraction or the charm of small vignerons

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 9th, 2020

Individually they represent a tiny portion of Spanish wine, but united under this brand they were one of the success stories of the Barcelona Wine Week. Now they want to reach consumers more effectively while strengthening the association.

Wineries to watch 2020-06-09 11:06:31


Wine selling strategies in times of Covid-19

Amaya Cervera | May 26th, 2020

Online sales, marketing and charity-focused campaigns on social media and wine clubs to engage with consumers are some of the most popular initiatives in the wine business over recent weeks.

Trends 2020-05-26 06:05:00


The role of wine in takeaways and home deliveries in Spain

Amaya Cervera | May 19th, 2020

Some bars and restaurants in Spain have resumed their activity during Covid-19 offering takeaways and home deliveries, but is wine part of this new scenario?

Trends 2020-05-19 07:05:59

In depth

What makes Spanish wines different?

Amaya Cervera | May 12th, 2020

Sometimes one cannot see the wood for the trees. Which are the main singularities of Spanish wine that can used as a helpful guideline? We have listed six factors to avoid losing sight of the big picture.

In depth 2020-05-12 07:05:29

Wineries to watch

Exploring Muga’s vineyards in Rioja

Amaya Cervera | May 6th, 2020

Spanish and international wine lovers who have visited Muga were probably in awe of the vast number of oak vats and barrels in this winery in Barrio de la Estación in Haro. But how many of them have had the chance to tour the vineyards?

Wineries to watch 2020-05-06 09:05:06


Spain’s neutral white varieties claim their space

Amaya Cervera | April 28th, 2020

Viura, Albillo, Dona Blanca, Palomino, Pedro Ximénez or Airén are usually described as “neutral” grape varieties, but the picture has changed in recent years because they are emerging as great terroir translators.

Grapes 2020-04-28 07:04:10


José Peñín: “Balance is my one and only rule; I accept everything else”

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | April 22nd, 2020

In this long interview, the dean of wine publishing in Spain talks about his early days, the challenges for Spanish wine in the world, his activity on social media, the coronavirus crisis and his memoirs, who promise to ruffle a few feathers.

People 2020-04-22 11:04:56


Covid-19 and loss of smell: a wine professional's worst fear

Amaya Cervera | April 13th, 2020

Loss of smell, which has been accepted as one of the symptoms of COVID-19, can turn into a traumatic experience for those working in the wine industry. Some wine lovers told SWL about their unpleasant experiences.

News 2020-04-13 12:04:39

Wineries to watch

Pérez Barquero: standard-bearer for quality wines in Montilla

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | April 8th, 2020

Founded in 1905, this bodega lends its name to a wine business with 150 hectares of vineyards in the top quality area in the Montilla-Moriles appellation and with one of the finest collections of traditional wines in Andalucía.

Wineries to watch 2020-04-08 09:04:14

In depth

Online wine sales soar during the lockdown in Spain

Amaya Cervera | March 30th, 2020

Online retailers in Spain report an upsurge in wine purchases since the lockdown is in place. Tougher restrictions come into effect today but they will not affect their business.

In depth 2020-03-30 12:03:28


Obituary: Carlos Falcó, a great pioneer of Spanish wine

Amaya Cervera | March 22nd, 2020

The first coronavirus victim in the Spanish wine industry, Carlos Falcó brought New Word viticulture techniques to his country and boosted quality wines in Castilla-La Mancha.

People 2020-03-22 10:03:04

In depth

The coronavirus crisis in Spain’s wine industry

Amaya Cervera | March 14th, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has come at a bad time for the wine industry which was already suffering the effects of Brexit and the US tariffs. We have talked to analysts, producers, distributors and restaurant owners to have an overview of the situation.

In depth 2020-03-14 10:03:37

Wineries to watch

Ramón Bilbao moves into the top single-vineyard category in Rioja with Lalomba

Amaya Cervera | March 3rd, 2020

Lalomba will soon be much more than a rosé from the foothills of Mount Yerga in Rioja Oriental. It will become a new single-vineyard brand with its own communication strategy and separate facilities where concrete will play a key role.

Wineries to watch 2020-03-03 12:03:27


Futuro Viñador, a new terroir-driven association to watch in Spain

Amaya Cervera | February 13th, 2020

Four years after signing the Matador Manifesto, 16 producers who were part of that movement have formed the group Futuro Viñador. Their aim is to share information and knowledge with each other and preserve the country's vine heritage.

News 2020-02-13 11:02:35

Wineries to watch

Julia Casado, an artisan voice for Monastrell in Spain

Amaya Cervera | February 4th, 2020

Violoncellist and winemaker, Julia Casado is a young, determined woman who has set up her own small project to make natural wines with Monastrell grown in Bullas, in southeast Spain.

Wineries to watch 2020-02-04 07:02:11


Eight books in Spanish and English for wine lovers

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 29th, 2020

Although 38.2% of Spaniards confess to never or almost never reading, we at Spanish Wine Lover are confident that our readers do not belong to that group and recommend a handful of interesting books about our favourite drink.

Books 2020-01-29 10:01:45


Could vine diseases change Spain’s varietal map?

Félix Cabello | January 14th, 2020

The future of wine growing lies in achieving healthier grapes. Expert Félix Cabello delves into the past, tackles possible solutions and lists which traditional Spanish varieties are naturally resistant to fungi.

Grapes 2020-01-14 11:01:48

Wineries to watch

Finca la Emperatriz: when less is more

Amaya Cervera | January 4th, 2020

Brothers Hernáiz have started 2020 with a revamp of their range of wines. At Finca La Emperatriz they have downsized from seven to four cuvées, with their two new premium wines adding the words ‘Gran Vino’ to their names.

Wineries to watch 2020-01-04 11:01:05


Which Spanish wines are chefs into?

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | December 20th, 2019

Many chefs seem to lack interest in wine, but we wanted to talk to some of those who do show sensitivity to the liquid side and ask them to recommend us some of their favorite wines.

People 2019-12-20 02:12:10

Wine regions

What does it take for Ribeira Sacra to become a top wine region? (and II)

Amaya Cervera | December 10th, 2019

In the second part of our journey across this fascinating, rugged Galician wine region, we focus on the soils, the topography, the increasing number of grape varieties available to producers and the ageing ability of the area’s top wines.

Wine regions 2019-12-10 07:12:56

Wineries to watch

Tasting “back to front” with Felipe Gutiérrez de la Vega

Amaya Cervera | December 4th, 2019

Tastings like the one conducted by Felipe Gutiérrez de la Vega in Alicante last week do not occur every day. The life and interests of this great pioneer of the Southeast were presented in a remarkable collection of old vintages.

Wineries to watch 2019-12-04 08:12:30

Wine regions

What does it take for Ribeira Sacra to become a top wine region? (I)

Amaya Cervera | November 27th, 2019

With wine critics raving about its stunning landscapes and a plethora of excellent wines on the market, Ribeira Sacra's future hinges on delving deeper into its native varieties and exploring its terroirs in depth.

Wine regions 2019-11-27 09:11:48


Harvest report (and II): Spain’s southern half, the Mediterranean and the islands

Amaya Cervera | November 19th, 2019

The second part of our 2019 harvest report reveals many areas suffering draught, heatwaves and high concentration, but the most striking phenomenon was the heavy rains that flooded vineyards in the southeast.

Vintages 2019-11-19 04:11:16

Wineries to watch

The secret to Aalto’s success

Amaya Cervera | November 5th, 2019

A flagship wine in Ribera del Duero, it has remained on the limelight from the very moment its was first released. What is the key to its success: the vineyards, the people, the style or a combination of all of them?

Wineries to watch 2019-11-05 12:11:48


Spain’s 2019 vintage: small but outstanding (I)

Amaya Cervera | October 29th, 2019

Despite the heat wave at the end of July or the heavy rains and flooding in the southeast, Spanish producers are happy with the 2019 harvest —some even describe it as legendary.

Vintages 2019-10-29 08:10:55


Introducing Rioja’s first Viñedos Singulares

Amaya Cervera | October 15th, 2019

Although it will take a while for some of them to reach the market, Rioja’s Regulatory Board offered a taste of the first eight Viñedos Singulares at a recent presentation of the new categories (sub-area, village and single vineyard wines) in Madrid.

News 2019-10-15 09:10:48

Wineries to watch

Sandra Bravo: In search of the flavour of Sierra de Toloño in Rioja

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 5th, 2019

The evolution of Sandra Bravo (Sierra de Toloño) has been remarkable since she settled in Rioja in 2012. With sensitivity and humility, she works to convey the energy of the vines she grows in Villabuena and Rivas de Tereso to her eight wines.

Wineries to watch 2019-10-05 10:10:22


The renaissance of Garnacha Blanca in Spain

Amaya Cervera | September 24th, 2019

Although planted mostly in Catalonia’s Terra Alta, Garnacha Blanca is gradually increasing its presence in the country’s high-quality whites. A recently published dissertation reinforces this perception.

Grapes 2019-09-24 11:09:20

Wineries to watch

Pepe Mendoza: redefining the style of Mediterranean wines

Amaya Cervera | September 3rd, 2019

After having made a name for the winery founded by his father in the 1980s, Pepe Mendoza has brought all his expertise on Mediterranean wines to Casa Agrícola, his most personal, fascinating project.

Wineries to watch 2019-09-03 05:09:42

Wineries to watch

Estévez: a vision of the Sherry Triangle from Macharnudo to Miraflores

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | August 8th, 2019

With 800 hectares under vine and brands like Valdespino, Real Tesoro and La Guita, Estévez is one of the leading wine producers in the Sherry Triangle. We spent a day with technical director Eduardo Ojeda to learn more about this family group.

Wineries to watch 2019-08-08 11:08:34


A wine lover’s guide to pet-nats made in Spain

Amaya Cervera | July 22nd, 2019

The natural wine movement has brought prominence to this sparkler. Spanish producers who favour this approach to winemaking have welcomed its somewhat wild, straight-forward style, fun labels and crown cap closures.

Tastings 2019-07-22 04:07:04


Scorching heat and fire burn vineyards in parts of Catalonia and Madrid

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | July 5th, 2019

With temperature reaching 42ºC and desert winds, the grapes and leaves of many vineyards in parts of Tarragona and Girona have been burned to the ground. In Madrid, a devastating fire has worsened the fragile situation of mountain vines.

News 2019-07-05 02:07:52

Wineries to watch

The one and only Raúl Pérez: new projects in Bierzo

Amaya Cervera | July 4th, 2019

The influential winemaker has teamed up with new partners to build a new winery for his entry-level red Ultreia Saint Jacques and is exploring new terroirs in DO Bierzo while keeping a watchful eye on the work he does in Valtuille, his village.

Wineries to watch 2019-07-04 12:07:15

Wineries to watch

Discovering Chiclana with Primitivo Collantes

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 4th, 2019

Tourist developments and golf courses dominate the skyline of this town on the coast of Cádiz, but there is still a producer bent on working the region's vines, recovering traditional varieties and producing quality wines that express the terroir.

Wineries to watch 2019-06-04 06:06:08


A guide to Priorat’s new vineyard classification

Amaya Cervera | May 28th, 2019

The DOQ Priorat, the most famous wine appellation in Catalonia, has introduced a new quality classification that divides the region in 12 villages, 459 sites and 2,100 vineyards.

News 2019-05-28 09:05:26


Recent tastings: Bubbly and Rioja

Amaya Cervera | May 14th, 2019

Rioja was recently in the spotlight with the tasting of Bodegas Familiares and the launch of La Rioja Alta’s third Gran Reserva. Meanwhile, importer Cuvée 3000 invited Spanish sparkling producers to mark the 200th anniversary of Billecart-Salmon.

Tastings 2019-05-14 10:05:13

Wineries to watch

Frontonio seeks to make the best Garnacha in Aragón

Amaya Cervera | May 3rd, 2019

After building a strong reputation for their Garnachas from Valdejalón and Campo de Borja, Fernando Mora MW and his partners have embarked on a very ambitious project: to recover what they claim is a grand cru lost in the Sierra de Algairén.

Wineries to watch 2019-05-03 10:05:04

In depth

Andalusia’s traditional wines at a crossroads

Amaya Cervera | April 9th, 2019

Held in Madrid from the 1st to 3rd April, the I International Congress of Traditional Andalusian Wines was the scene of some fascinating tastings with discussions on the ups and downs of the category and musings about what the future will hold.

In depth 2019-04-09 08:04:42

Wineries to watch

Honorio Rubio: flying the flag for clarete in Rioja

Amaya Cervera | April 5th, 2019

Although this producer from Cordovín is not a regular at wine tastings in Spain, it is behind a fine range of exciting wines, notably the local rosé called clarete and a bunch of highly original whites including the multi-vintage blend Añadas.

Wineries to watch 2019-04-05 01:04:07


A guide to old sherry with a little help from the experts

Amaya Cervera | March 26th, 2019

Sherry is no stranger to the current craze for old wines. We have asked the team behind Corral de la Morería, who manage the largest collection of old fortified wines in Spain, to share some helpful advise to enjoy old sherry bottles.

Trends 2019-03-26 09:03:40

Wineries to watch

Bertrand Sourdais: the French winemaker who fell in love with Soria

Amaya Cervera | March 5th, 2019

After almost 20 harvests in Soria, the easternmost part of Ribera del Duero, Bertrand Sourdais is the perfect host to take us through the landscapes of this isolated region with a striking wealth of old vineyards at high altitude.

Wineries to watch 2019-03-05 12:03:14


Are multi-vintage blends back in Spain?

Amaya Cervera | February 26th, 2019

For a long time, Vega Sicilia Único Reserva Especial was the flagship multi-vintage blend in Spain, but now other producers are following with ambitious, ultra-premium still wines.

Trends 2019-02-26 12:02:10


The new faces of Ribera del Duero (and II)

Amaya Cervera | February 12th, 2019

In the second of a two-part series on the latest developments in Ribera del Duero, we focus on new projects launched by experienced winemakers, both from the area itself and from other wine producing regions in Spain.

People 2019-02-12 07:02:36

Wineries to watch

Puro Rofe: the new wine frontier in Lanzarote

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | February 6th, 2019

Making honest wines that reflect the spectacular landscape and diversity of this island sculpted by the volcano is the goal of Vicente, Rayco, Carmelo, Chicho and the rest of grape growers who are part of this exciting new project in the Canary Islands.

Wineries to watch 2019-02-06 11:02:13


Corpinnat leaves DO Cava. What comes next?

Amaya Cervera | February 1st, 2019

The new departure in the DO Cava opens a period of uncertainty for Spanish sparkling wines and shows once again the discontent among high-quality producers with the existing framework of their Denominaciones de Origen.

News 2019-02-01 02:02:42


The new faces of Ribera del Duero (I)

Amaya Cervera | January 28th, 2019

In the first of a two-part series on the latest and most exciting developments in Ribera del Duero we look at wineries that have reinvented themselves, young, terroir-driven producers and new projects set up by experienced winemakers.

People 2019-01-28 07:01:10

Wineries to watch

Cosmic Vinyaters champions rare Cariñena Blanca in Empordà

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 3rd, 2019

Salvador Batlle arrived from Penedès with the idea of setting out on his own. In this area on the border with France, he came across vineyards of this local but underrated variety that he struggles to preserve as a distinctive trademark of Empordà.

Wineries to watch 2019-01-03 06:01:29

Recommended wines

Eight producers reveal their Spanish wines for Christmas

Amaya Cervera | December 12th, 2018

In previous years we asked SWL contributors, sommeliers and international experts to pick their favourite Spanish wines. In 2018, we have asked eight leading Spanish producers to recommend a wine for Christmas which has not been made by them.

Recommended wines 2018-12-12 09:12:19

Wineries to watch

Artuke: Balance and distinct personality in Rioja

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | December 5th, 2018

Born into a traditional cosechero family, brothers Arturo and Kike de Miguel make original, honest wines from the 25 hectares of vines they own in Samaniego, Ábalos, San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Baños de Ebro, their village in Rioja Alavesa.

Wineries to watch 2018-12-05 11:12:11


Eight stories to understand the 2018 harvest in Spain

Amaya Cervera | November 20th, 2018

As the climate turns increasingly capricious, producers struggle to take the right deci-sions in every new vintage. After gathering the impressions of producers across the country, 2018 appears to have been an extremely challenging year.

Vintages 2018-11-20 12:11:09


The challenges ahead: “Rural areas, medium-range wines and the cultural sphere”

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | November 13th, 2018

With their global vision of the wine trade, Masters of Wine Pedro Ballesteros, Andreas Kubach and Fernando Mora went through the challenges and problems that Spanish wines need to overcome at the 13th International Wine Forum in Logroño.

People 2018-11-13 02:11:16

Wineries to watch

Francisco Barona, the champion of old vines

Amaya Cervera | November 5th, 2018

Francisco Barona, 34, is a young, passionate producer who is contributing to enhance diversity in Ribera del Duero by focusing on very old vines, traditional grape growing methods and a relentless search for freshness.

Wineries to watch 2018-11-05 09:11:39

Recommended wines

Unfortified whites from Jerez: back to the roots and the soil

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 8th, 2018

Coinciding with International Sherry Week (8-14 October), SWL selects ten favourite unfortified wines made in the Sherry Triangle which deserve their space in the universe of dry white wines of the world.

Recommended wines 2018-10-08 07:10:39

Wineries to watch

Valenciso, a 21st century Rioja

Amaya Cervera | October 2nd, 2018

Their Reserva ranks among Rioja’s most enjoyable reds and the range of limited-production wines is impressive. Twenty years after its launch, Valenciso has managed to find its own place in Rioja eschewing trends and tags.

Wineries to watch 2018-10-02 10:10:48


“Sherry is not as exciting as we are led to believe”

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | September 25th, 2018

From his Bodega Cigaleña in Santander, Andrés Conde Laya has been —and still is— a pioneer in discovering uncharted wine paths. Independent and with his own personal views, Conde Laya talks candidly with SWL about wine in Spain.

People 2018-09-25 09:09:06


Castilla y León: a treasure trove of rare varieties

Amaya Cervera | September 19th, 2018

Despite the dominance of Tempranillo and Verdejo in the vineyards of Castilla y León, there is an exciting future for obscure grape varieties in the area, according to speakers at the recent Duero International Wine Fest held in Burgos.

Grapes 2018-09-19 09:09:14

Wine regions

Duero, the plural river

Amaya Cervera | September 12th, 2018

This is a summary of the presentation that Fernando Mora MW and I delivered at the Duero International Wine Fest held in Burgos last Friday. Our goal was to include the Duero among the great wine rivers of the world.

Wine regions 2018-09-12 10:09:04

Wineries to watch

Willy Pérez and his quest to recover the memory of Sherry

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | September 5th, 2018

The obsession with the vineyard and the recovery of the wisdom and know-how that brought greatness to sherry is his driving force. In just two vintages, winemaker Willy Pérez and his Barajuela wines have become an avant-garde model based on tradition.

Wineries to watch 2018-09-05 11:09:24


Almudena Alberca, the first Spanish woman to become MW

Amaya Cervera | August 31st, 2018

Winemaker at Viña Mayor in Ribera del Duero and at two other wineries in the Bodegas Palacios group, she is the first Spanish woman to join the Institute of Masters of Wine. Alberca is one of the 10 new members announced today.

People 2018-08-31 09:08:54

Wineries to watch

Verum: new times and varieties in Castilla-La Mancha

Amaya Cervera | August 3rd, 2018

La Mancha, the largest wine region in the world, is all about quantity with bulk and commercial wines leading the way. Verum is a rare exception in the area, as it focuses on quality and terroir. We visited them to learn their experience first-hand.

Wineries to watch 2018-08-03 10:08:23

Wine regions

Exploring the alluring charms of Valdeorras

Amaya Cervera | July 10th, 2018

Despite its size (1,200Ha under vine), Valdeorras has become a hot location to produce high-quality whites thanks to the many virtues of Godello, its local variety. But wine lovers should also pay attention to its reds.

Wine regions 2018-07-10 06:07:07

Wineries to watch

Muchada-Léclapart: albariza meets champagne

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | July 4th, 2018

Fate and Ramadan took architect Alejandro Muchada to David Léclapart’s estate in Champagne. Years later, they have joined forces to make white unfortified wines in Sanlúcar, in the heart of the Sherry Triangle.

Wineries to watch 2018-07-04 09:07:31


The day Sherry soils recovered their voice

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 19th, 2018

The tasting that Ramiro Ibáñez and Willy Pérez presented on the past edition of Vinoble will be remembered for its emotion and the desire of these two young producers to share their vast knowledge about the vineyards and soils of Jerez.

Tastings 2018-06-19 04:06:43

Wineries to watch

Ismael Gozalo, a benchmark for natural wines in Spain

Amaya Cervera | June 4th, 2018

After the success of Ossian, one of Spain’s flagship whites, Ismael Gozalo continues working with very old Verdejo vines in Nieva, his hometown in Segovia. Under the name Microbio Wines, he makes a wide range of natural, artisanal wines.

Wineries to watch 2018-06-04 08:06:04


On the trail of minerality with Pedro Parra and Comando G

Amaya Cervera | May 22nd, 2018

Although scientists deny a direct link between soil components and wine flavours, Chilean terroir consultant Pedro Parra helps producers like Comando G in Gredos and others across the world to bottle the essence that lies deep under the vines.

People 2018-05-22 09:05:22

Wineries to watch

Rafael Palacios: the Spanish white specialist

Amaya Cervera | May 4th, 2018

A prominent member of the Palacios saga of winemakers, Rafael is working hard to bring his vineyards in Galicia’s Bibei valley back to life after a devastating 2017 vintage as he prepares the launch of his first skin-contact wine.

Wineries to watch 2018-05-04 10:05:13


Corpinnat opens the way to private designations in Spain

Amaya Cervera | April 23rd, 2018

Six leading cava producers have launched Corpinnat, a new quality association registered in the European Union that incidentally questions the role of wine appellations in Spain and pioneers an alternative framework to establish wine terroirs.

News 2018-04-23 11:04:19


“The wine business owes a lot to artisan producers”

Amaya Cervera | April 16th, 2018

The first edition of Muestra 2018, a tasting hosted by wine distributor Cuvée 3000 in Madrid last week, gave us the chance to interview Joan Valencia, organizer of the event and one of the most enthusiastic champions of natural wine in Spain.

People 2018-04-16 10:04:32

Wineries to watch

Casa Castillo: waving the flag for Mediterranean viticulture

Amaya Cervera | April 4th, 2018

Tucked away in Jumilla (southeast Spain), Casa Castillo is a leading exponent of Mediterranean reds: well-adapted grape varieties dry farming, traditional winemaking and terroir-driven wines. Why aren’t others following?

Wineries to watch 2018-04-04 09:04:01

In depth

The real value of old vines

Amaya Cervera | March 26th, 2018

Leaving aside any trace of romance or impressive images, old vines (which are an important asset in Spain) are the guardians of biodiversity and a valuable source of solutions to deal with the challenges that winegrowers face in the 21st century.

In depth 2018-03-26 06:03:53

Wineries to watch

Finca Allende in Rioja rethinks its winegrowing strategy

Amaya Cervera | March 4th, 2018

Miguel Ángel de Gregorio is in the news following the release of two new single-vineyard wines. But when SWL visited him recently, we talked about all the changes he is implementing in his vineyards.

Wineries to watch 2018-03-04 07:03:03


Who is who in Mallorca’s wine scene

Amaya Cervera | February 27th, 2018

This is the second piece on our Mallorca series including profiles of the most relevant producers in the island with a focus on key aspects of their philosophy, working methods and wine styles.

People 2018-02-27 11:02:18

Wine regions

Mallorca: Pure Mediterranean style

Amaya Cervera | February 20th, 2018

Wines from Mallorca are thriving. As the island’s buoyant local market drives sales, producers are recovering both their Mediterranean soul and indigenous grapes after an inescapable period marked by international varieties.

Wine regions 2018-02-20 05:02:16

Wineries to watch

Callejuela: countryfolk bottling terroir in the Sherry Triangle

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | February 5th, 2018

Farmers —or mayetos, as they are known— growing vines and making their own wines are unusual in the region. The Blanco brothers champion the work in the vineyard and the character that terroir brings to their wines above the aging in the cellar.

Wineries to watch 2018-02-05 09:02:01


The Spanish wine styles that will triumph in 2018

Amaya Cervera | January 30th, 2018

We don’t have a crystal ball, but these are our predictions about which Spanish wine styles will set the trend in 2018. Some have been around for quite a while and will consolidate this year; others will gain prominence over the coming months.

Trends 2018-01-30 10:01:30

Wineries to watch

Ojuel recovers supurao, a traditional sweet wine from Rioja

Amaya Cervera | January 4th, 2018

Miguel Martínez is a young man on a mission to recover local traditions in Sojueja, his home village on the slopes of the Moncalvillo mountains south of Logroño. He has started by rescuing from oblivion an almost extinct sweet wine called supurao.

Wineries to watch 2018-01-04 09:01:53


Most popular stories in 2017

Amaya Cervera | December 27th, 2017

We have pored over our Google Analytics data to discover which were the most read stories on our site in 2017. It’s rewarding to see such an interest in Tenerife or Cangas, a remote region in Asturias, beyond well-known wine growing areas.

Trends 2017-12-27 10:12:44


What will the 2017 vintage be like in Spain?

Amaya Cervera | December 12th, 2017

2017 has been one of the shortest, earliest and more catastrophic vintages in recent times with plenty of frost, hail and drought. But what will the wines taste like? We have asked more than 20 producers across the country.

Vintages 2017-12-12 10:12:52

Wineries to watch

Finca Terrerazo: changing for the better

Amaya Cervera | December 3rd, 2017

Valencian producer Finca Terrerazo showed the world how good the little loved local Bobal variety could be. Behind this achievement lies a painstaking process that the Sarrión family is applying to other vineyards.

Wineries to watch 2017-12-03 06:12:59


Bobal grape: Can the ugly duckling become a swan?

Amaya Cervera | November 14th, 2017

Last week Bobal was the centre of attention in two conferences organized by DO Manchuela and DO Utiel-Requena. As a speaker in one of them, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about this variety and taste an interesting range of Bobal-based wines

Grapes 2017-11-14 06:11:29

Wineries to watch

Dominio del Pidio: bringing new styles to Ribera del Duero

Amaya Cervera | November 5th, 2017

After building Cillar de Silos into a safe, reliable brand in Ribera del Duero, the Aragón brothers have launched Dominio del Pidio, making traditional style village wines in the old bodega quarter of Quintana del Pidio.

Wineries to watch 2017-11-05 06:11:20


SWL named Best Online Platform at the IWC Merchant Awards

Amaya Cervera | October 17th, 2017

Being shortlisted was a great achievement, but last night we were truly delighted to pick up the prize to the Best Online Site on the second edition of the IWC Merchant Awards for Spain.

News 2017-10-17 08:10:23

In depth

A MW research paper on wine classifications in Spain

Amaya Cervera | October 10th, 2017

We are delighted to share the conclusions of the research paper conducted on this subject by new Spanish Master of Wine Fernando Mora –we thank the Institute of Masters of Wine for grating us permission to publish them.

In depth 2017-10-10 10:10:15

Wineries to watch

Alvear and Envínate: a winning alliance in the heart of Andalucía

Amaya Cervera | October 3rd, 2017

A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable to see the oldest producer in Andalucía joining forces with a group of maverick winemakers. But after a satisfying partnership in Extremadura, Alvear and Envínate have renewed their entente in Montilla.

Wineries to watch 2017-10-03 10:10:27

Wine regions

Exploring Ribera del Duero with maps and facts

Amaya Cervera | September 20th, 2017

SWL subscribers and those willing to sign for our weekly newsletter can download our presentation of Ribera del Duero including a map of soils and basic facts about one of Spain’s top red wine regions.

Wine regions 2017-09-20 09:09:46

Wineries to watch

Matías i Torres, in the vanguard of quality wine in La Palma

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | September 6th, 2017

Fifth generation of a winegrowing family based on this island of The Canaries, Victoria Torres fights to preserve the vineyards of this Biosphere Reserve and bring a fresh look to her wines, which reflect the special place where they are born.

Wineries to watch 2017-09-06 11:09:19


Meet Mora and Kubach, the two new Masters of Wine in Spain

Amaya Cervera | September 4th, 2017

Aragonese Fernando Mora and Andreas Kubach, born in Germany but raised in Spain, are two of the new members of the Institute of Masters of Wine announced today. They join Pedro Ballesteros, the sole Spaniard to hold such a prestigious title so far.

News 2017-09-04 08:09:51


Village wines in Rioja will be based on the location of the winery

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | August 11th, 2017

The DOCa Rioja moves forward in the recognition of origin with new geography-based categories that will appear on the labels of wines produced from 2017 onwards.

News 2017-08-11 06:08:50

Wineries to watch

Rioja through the eyes of veteran winemaker Basilio Izquierdo

Amaya Cervera | August 3rd, 2017

Almost in his 70s, Basilio Izquierdo is full of energy. After three decades in Cvne, he set up his own small wine business in 2007. Last month we attended a 10th anniversary party with other wine lovers and some of his famous classmates from Bordeaux

Wineries to watch 2017-08-03 08:08:15


Cava finally linked to terroir with 12 new 'grand cru’ sites

Amaya Cervera | July 20th, 2017

After a long wait, the first Cavas de Paraje Calificado (single-vineyard, grand cru cavas) have been revealed. But what is their real mission and what precedents will they set for the new premium classification?

News 2017-07-20 08:07:35


Bierzo approves a Burgundy-inspired classification

Amaya Cervera | July 10th, 2017

Last week, the DO Bierzo approved new labelling regulations to include small geographic areas like village wines, paraje wines (the equivalent to French lieu-dits) and single vineyard wines.

News 2017-07-10 06:07:42

Wineries to watch

Nin Ortiz family: living a biodynamic life in Priorat

Amaya Cervera | July 4th, 2017

Ester Nin and Carles Ortiz love each other and love growing vines on the steep slopes of Porrera, one of Priorat’s most rugged landscapes. Their lives revolve around the vineyards and wines all year round.

Wineries to watch 2017-07-04 07:07:04


The role of wine tourism and other ideas from Must Wine Summit

Amaya Cervera | June 14th, 2017

What follows is a summary of some of the ideas fermented last week at Must Wine Summit, a three-day conference featuring leading wine speakers who discussed topics such as wine tourism, natural wines, big data, grape varieties or the Chinese market.

Trends 2017-06-14 09:06:45

Wineries to watch

Alta Alella: The search for terroir expression

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 6th, 2017

Organic still wines and cavas that reflect terroir and vintage variations form the basis of this producer located just outside Barcelona. As well as natural wines, they are busy creating local varieties that are adapted to climate change.

Wineries to watch 2017-06-06 09:06:42


Getting a taste for old Paternina vintages at Conde de los Andes in Rioja

Amaya Cervera | May 23rd, 2017

What do past vintages taste like? A few weeks ago we had the chance to try Rioja vintages from the 1940s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s in Paternina's cellars, now owned by Muriel Group. This is our impression of such impeccably preserved bottles.

Tastings 2017-05-23 08:05:27


Severe frost will mark the 2017 vintage in northern Spain

Amaya Cervera | May 9th, 2017

We’ve talked to leading producers and Regulatory Boards in the wine regions that were severely hit by frost in the northwest of Spain on the last week of April to assess the extent of the damage. Now it’s time to move forward, everyone agrees.

Vintages 2017-05-09 10:05:48

Wineries to watch

Jorge Monzón: bringing the soul of Burgundy to Ribera del Duero

Amaya Cervera | May 4th, 2017

Judging from the impressive old vineyards that Jorge Monzón has managed to assemble in his hometown of La Aguilera (Burgos) in just over a decade, Dominio del Águila could soon become one of Ribera del Duero’s shining stars.

Wineries to watch 2017-05-04 10:05:09


Penedès plays the local grape card

Amaya Cervera | April 24th, 2017

This Catalan region welcomed international grapes with open arms in the last quarter of the 20th century but it is now focusing on indigenous varieties. White Xarel.lo is leading the way, but Sumoll, Malvasía and Xarel.lo Vermell are vying for space.

Grapes 2017-04-24 10:04:15

Wineries to watch

Celler del Roure: The future is in the past

Amaya Cervera | April 5th, 2017

Based in the subarea of Clariano, this producer has brought new hope and distinctiveness to the DO Valencia thanks to the recovery of Mandó, a local grape variety with a marked fresh profile, and an ancient underground cellar stocked with amphorae.

Wineries to watch 2017-04-05 08:04:46

Spanish terroirs

Juancho Asenjo: “Rioja is known for its fine wines not for volume”

Amaya Cervera | March 28th, 2017

Spanish expert and educator Juancho Asenjo yesterday championed terroir as he led the first tasting of “village wines” held in Rioja under the auspices of the region’s Association of Family Wineries.

Spanish terroirs 2017-03-28 01:03:00

Wine regions

Rioja in the 21st century: styles and categories of wine

Amaya Cervera | March 15th, 2017

Three wide subareas and three aging categories (Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva) are not enough to explain a vast, complex wine area like Rioja. SWL charts its evolution and brings a guide to understand the region’s wines.

Wine regions 2017-03-15 10:03:35

Wineries to watch

Riscal has its eye on Verdejo old vines in Segovia

Amaya Cervera | March 2nd, 2017

The old Verdejo vineyards found in Segovia are a new source of excitement for Marqués de Riscal’s project in Rueda. They form the backbone of the new top-of the-range Barón de Chirel white and add consistence to other Verdejos in the range.

Wineries to watch 2017-03-02 02:03:21


A better future for Spanish wines with pre-phylloxera grapes?

Amaya Cervera | February 16th, 2017

For over 30 years Torres has been tracking Catalan vineyards in search of ancient grape varieties. We had the opportunity to taste some of their most promising discoveries a few days ago. Their names: Forcada, Pirene, Gonfaus, Moneu and Querol.

Grapes 2017-02-16 12:02:47

Wine regions

Cangas: from coal mines to fine wines

Pedro Ballesteros MW | February 7th, 2017

Mines and wine have a shared past in the world’s history. In Spain, there is a great example in Cangas, a region in Asturias which came close to losing its vineyards. Today it is gradually reviving thanks to its unique scenery and grape varieties.

Wine regions 2017-02-07 10:02:32

Wineries to watch

Suertes del Marqués sets the style for Tenerife wines

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | February 3rd, 2017

There is a before and an after of the wines from Tenerife since the arrival of Suertes del Marqués. Their focus on native varieties grown on volcanic soils and devoid of unnecessary make-up have set the style of quality winemaking in the island.

Wineries to watch 2017-02-03 10:02:54

Wine regions

Tenerife wines fall under the spell of the volcano

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 25th, 2017

Canary Wine stopped being the island’s most sought-after product a long time ago, but the wines of Tenerife and its neighboring islands resonate again among experts and consumers thanks to a bunch of producers set on letting the world know about their

Wine regions 2017-01-25 11:01:22


“My dream is to compete on equal terms with Champagne”

Amaya Cervera | January 20th, 2017

After his New York adventure, Pepe Raventós, Penedès’ 'enfant terrible' since he left the DO Cava, has returned home to go back to his roots and “practice instead of seeking.” He talked to SWL about his plans and his vision of life now.

People 2017-01-20 09:01:45

Wineries to watch

Viña Sastre, winegrowers in La Horra

Amaya Cervera | January 3rd, 2017

Despite being the epitome of powerful Riberas, everything seems to happen easily at Viña Sastre. Extraction is not so much the style; instead, they look for naturally concentrated grapes sourced form some of the best –and oldest– vineyards in the DO

Wineries to watch 2017-01-03 06:01:24

In depth

Cava de Paraje Calificado - what’s it all about?

Amaya Cervera | December 16th, 2016

Even if the official seal is not due to be issued until next year, we reveal some of the sparkling wines pursuing the new Cava de Paraje Calificado category, which aims to set the new benchmark of quality in Spain’s most famous bubbly.

In depth 2016-12-16 10:12:04

Spanish terroirs

Beauty and then vines

Pedro Ballesteros MW | December 13th, 2016

Classic wine regions raise in our souls the beauty of landscapes and buildings, as much as the pleasures of wines and food. Pedro Ballesteros MW finds that magic balance in a former 16th century convent in Málaga, which now houses Descalzos Viejos.

Spanish terroirs 2016-12-13 07:12:04

Wineries to watch

Biodynamics and science coexist well at Gramona

Amaya Cervera | December 4th, 2016

Over the course of two mornings we joined Jaume Gramona on a walk around his vineyards to learn about his newly discovered passion for biodynamics and, in a far more educational atmosphere, during a sparkling wines workshop he recently led in Madrid.

Wineries to watch 2016-12-04 08:12:47


What to expect from the 2016 vintage in Spain

Amaya Cervera | November 22nd, 2016

This year’s drought marked a sharp contrast between the high yields in Rioja and areas of Castilla y León and the low production in the Mediterranean. Yet quality expectations are high in many parts with reds set to be fresh and moderate in alcohol.

Vintages 2016-11-22 09:11:58

Wineries to watch

Alba Viticultores: Sparkling a rebellion in Sanlúcar

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | November 3rd, 2016

Sparkling wine production in the Sherry Triangle started in the 19th century, but some producers like Alba Viticultores in Sanlúcar are recovering the tradition, with a little help from the winegrowers for whom they demand recognition.

Wineries to watch 2016-11-03 09:11:30


Sherry meets Rioja and other flor stories

Amaya Cervera | October 28th, 2016

Sherry casts a long shadow. Following the nascent renaissance of Spain’s iconic region for fortified wines, some producers in Rioja and other Spanish wine regions are paying a particular homage to Sherry’s distinctive flavours.

Trends 2016-10-28 08:10:25


Destemming grapes with Abel Mendoza in Rioja

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 18th, 2016

This Rioja producer, who embodies the concept of a Burgundian vigneron working his land to make honest wines, show us how he makes his Tempranillo Grano a Grano and his philosophy of life, which is based on terroir and respect for the environment.

People 2016-10-18 09:10:11

Wineries to watch

Javier Arizcuren recovers the wine heritage of Rioja Baja

Amaya Cervera | October 4th, 2016

Despite the very few bottles made by this architect and wine enthusiast, the story of Javier is a great example of the recovery of old vineyards in Spain. His are in Quel, his birthplace in Rioja Baja.

Wineries to watch 2016-10-04 09:10:47


Leading wine producers in Terra Alta

Amaya Cervera | September 27th, 2016

After our recent piece about this Catalan region, focused primarily on Garnacha, we have profiled some of its most interesting winegrowers. This is our particular vision on who’s who in Terra Alta.

People 2016-09-27 08:09:37

Wine regions

Terra Alta: charting new roads for Garnacha

Amaya Cervera | September 14th, 2016

Accounting for 33% of the total plantings of White Garnacha worldwide, Terra Alta has also started exploring the potential of its red wines. This unsung appellation in the far south of Catalonia is an interesting mix of landscape, architecture and wines.

Wine regions 2016-09-14 10:09:06

Wineries to watch

Nanclares y Prieto: juggling with the many faces of Albariño

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | September 5th, 2016

Having trained as an economist, Alberto Nanclares never consciously planned to become a winegrower but he is now one of Rías Baixas most accomplished interpreters of the Albariño variety along with his business partner Silvia Prieto.

Wineries to watch 2016-09-05 09:09:33

Wineries to watch

Juan Antonio Ponce brings the magic out of Bobal

Amaya Cervera | August 3rd, 2016

This young winemaker has managed to bring out the best of Bobal, a rustic and harsh variety, while recovering local grapes like Albilla and Moravia Agria in DO Manchuela. His work proves that there is hope beyond Castilla La Mancha’s dull wine image.

Wineries to watch 2016-08-03 10:08:02

Wine regions

Rufete grapes put Sierra de Salamanca on the wine map

Amaya Cervera | July 20th, 2016

Despite its small size, Sierra de Salamanca boasts an enchanting scenery, interesting soils and a precious wine treasure: Rufete is a floral, delicate variety which fits in perfectly with the trend towards less-structured, Burgundy-style wines.

Wine regions 2016-07-20 10:07:15

Wineries to watch

Barbadillo or the courage to tackle changes

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | July 5th, 2016

This family producer, which pioneered wines such the white Castillo de San Diego and the bottlings of manzanilla en rama, rescues old winemaking traditions and novel styles in an effort to renew itself while keeping the essence of Sanlúcar.

Wineries to watch 2016-07-05 09:07:43

In depth

Further steps to demarcate terroir in Spain

Amaya Cervera | June 28th, 2016

Zoning and land classification are contentious issues in Spain. Following the recent approval of a single-vineyard category for Cava, Rioja continues to discuss its future while other wine producing regions are going their own way.

In depth 2016-06-28 07:06:45

In depth

Vinoble 2016 witnesses a change of cycle in Sherry

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 6th, 2016

With lights and shadows in the organisation, the International Exhibition of Noble Wines confirmed a new stage in the Sherry Triangle and renewed dynamism both from new producers and some of the leading wineries in the region.

In depth 2016-06-06 10:06:40

Wineries to watch

Abadía Retuerta: in search of lost time

Amaya Cervera | June 2nd, 2016

It’s now 25 years since the recuperation of the Abadía Retuerta estate vineyards in Sardón de Duero (Castilla y León). The winery celebrated the anniversary with a tasting of the first 1996 vintage, which proved to be in pretty good shape.

Wineries to watch 2016-06-02 09:06:02

Spanish terroirs

Spanish wine growers: first steps towards excellence

Amaya Cervera | May 20th, 2016

The terroir movement in Spain seems unstoppable. The First Wine Growing Encounter held at Remelluri (Rioja Alavesa) brought together over 150 wine producers and trade professionals who attended presentations, tastings and an unforgettable al fresco lunch

Spanish terroirs 2016-05-20 07:05:20


Spanish rosés turn pale and aim for quality

Amaya Cervera | May 11th, 2016

A lighter shade of red is not necessarily better, but behind the new trend towards light-coloured rosés, some quality-conscious Spanish producers are trying to make serious wines in this style.

Trends 2016-05-11 08:05:02

Wineries to watch

Can Ràfols evokes the magic of Garraf’s chalky soils

Amaya Cervera | May 4th, 2016

Carlos Esteva, the man behind Can Ràfols dels Caus, is a maverick producer. After almost 40 years of immersion in the Garraf terroir in Penedès, he culminates his work with a mammoth winery dug in the chalky rock that defines his wines.

Wineries to watch 2016-05-04 12:05:30


“Sherry has been badly mistreated”

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | April 19th, 2016

Juan Ruiz Henestrosa is head sommelier at Aponiente, a two-Michelin starred restaurant on the cutting edge of Spanish gastronomy. Sensitive and passionate, Juan has managed to put Sherry at the same level as chef Ángel León’s celebrated dishes.

People 2016-04-19 09:04:55

Wineries to watch

Descendientes J. Palacios spearheads change in Bierzo

Amaya Cervera | April 5th, 2016

Álvaro Palacios and Ricardo Pérez have proved that Bierzo deserves a place of pride among Spain’s most prominent wine regions. We visited the winery and the vineyards to discover what’s behind their captivating wines.

Wineries to watch 2016-04-05 08:04:19

Recommended wines

Ten Spanish wines to discover in spring

Amaya Cervera | March 28th, 2016

We have compiled a selection of new, exciting wines for wine lovers willing to discover new styles during the spring or in their next trip to Spain.

Recommended wines 2016-03-28 08:03:45

Wine regions

Extremadura wines: in search of identity

Amaya Cervera | March 16th, 2016

This huge region in southwestern Spain is far from being identified with a wine style of its own. Could this lack of definition actually be a blessing?

Wine regions 2016-03-16 08:03:50

Wineries to watch

Albamar brings out the freshness of Albariño

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | March 2nd, 2016

Easy-going and always willing to learn, Xurxo Alba is since 2006 the visible face of Albamar, a small family venture in Galicia’s Salnés Valley where Albariño grapes are let to express their freshest and most vibrant side.

Wineries to watch 2016-03-02 09:03:48


The challenges of selling wine online

Amaya Cervera | February 28th, 2016

Smartphones will be the main tool for consumers buying wine in an increasingly competitive and crowded market. This was one of the main conclusions heard at wine and technology encounter ImaginextRioja, held in Logroño last week.

News 2016-02-28 08:02:08

Wineries to watch

Mauro paves the way for its expansion into Ribera

Amaya Cervera | February 1st, 2016

After several years keeping a low profile, the García family recently released a white Mauro. Now they are set to launch their first Ribera del Duero and a top-of-the-range red in Toro.

Wineries to watch 2016-02-01 08:02:37

Best value

Ten fun Spanish reds that won’t break the bank

Amaya Cervera | January 18th, 2016

Bills, bleak weather and general dreariness can turn January into the most depressing month of the year; at SWL we’d rather start on a high enjoying some fruit-driven, affordable reds which express their origin and the varieties they are made from.

Best value 2016-01-18 07:01:46

Spanish terroirs

A Manifesto in favour of Spain’s unique vineyards

Amaya Cervera | January 8th, 2016

In order to fight against the narrow-mindedness of many appellations in Spain, roughly 150 wine professionals including producers, journalist and retailers have signed a Manifesto in defence of terroir.

Spanish terroirs 2016-01-08 05:01:31

Wineries to watch

Quinta da Muradella: the quiet search for wine purity

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | January 5th, 2016

If good wines are a reflection of the terroir where they come from, in the case of Quinta da Muradella they also evidence the personality of José Luis Mateo, an honest and humble winegrower who has single-handedly placed Monterrei on the wine world map.

Wineries to watch 2016-01-05 08:01:18


The essential guide to Spain’s sweet wines

Amaya Cervera | December 22nd, 2015

At SWL we believe Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate with dessert wines. Spain’s sweet universe offers an astonishingly wide range of styles, concentration levels and even wine colours.

Tastings 2015-12-22 08:12:53

Wine regions

The uncertain future of Málaga’s sweet wines

Amaya Cervera | December 16th, 2015

SWL explores the delicious rarity of an appellation which is almost entirely devoted to sweet wines; a captivating mix of landscape, history and complex winemaking traditions which are suitably apt to enjoy during the Christmas season.

Wine regions 2015-12-16 10:12:14

Wineries to watch

Recaredo, a terroir-driven Cava

Amaya Cervera | December 2nd, 2015

A singular producer exclusively crafting long-aged, bone-dry vintage Cava, Recaredo is securing its future with new plantings that will give indigenous white grape Xarel.lo a major role in their wines.

Wineries to watch 2015-12-02 08:12:52


Bodegas Barbadillo signs rising star Armando Guerra

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | November 20th, 2015

The owner of the most famous wine tavern in the Sherry Triangle will lead the new Premium Production and Innovation Division in the Sanlúcar winery but without renouncing to hold his renowned summer tastings.

News 2015-11-20 10:11:37

In depth

Does terroir matter in Spain's appellations?

Amaya Cervera | November 10th, 2015

It seems obvious that denominations of origin are meant to protect a wine region. Paradoxically, some producers in Spain do not feel comfortable in their DOs while others demand more differentiation, authenticity and attention to their needs.

In depth 2015-11-10 08:11:39

Wineries to watch

Hacienda Monasterio strengthens its position in Ribera del Duero

Amaya Cervera | November 2nd, 2015

Thanks to an enviable price positioning, almost 100 hectares of vineyards in Pesquera de Duero and the recent acquisition of a stake in Montecastro, Hacienda Monasterio emerges as one of the most solid producers in Ribera del Duero.

Wineries to watch 2015-11-02 10:11:37

Wine regions

The breathtaking beauty of Gredos in pictures

Amaya Cervera | October 27th, 2015

Pepe Franco’s pictures portray both dramatic landscapes and everyday tasks in Gredos, managing to capture the essence of a unique landscape, its vineyards and people. Find out more about this rugged and beautiful Spanish wine region.

Wine regions 2015-10-27 10:10:42

Spanish terroirs

Covarrubias, Tempranillo’s hidden playground

Amaya Cervera | October 14th, 2015

The most singular valley within the largely unknown Arlanza appellation in Burgos (Castilla y León) has attracted a handful of young, restless producers. SWL has visited the area to chart the region’s vineyards and wines.

Spanish terroirs 2015-10-14 06:10:05

Wineries to watch

Ramiro Ibáñez brings soils and terroir into Sherry country

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 2nd, 2015

Inquisitive, dynamic and always willing to learn from the past, Ramiro Ibáñez is, despite his youth, a highly respected winemaker among sherry enthusiasts. What’s so special about this maverick born in Sanlúcar in the 1979 vintage?

Wineries to watch 2015-10-02 12:10:34


Old and new Rioja around Haro’s railway station

Amaya Cervera | September 23rd, 2015

This is our report of the various fabulous tastings that allowed us to assess, side by side, a great deal of wines made by the seven wineries in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación. We found tradition, modernity and a few surprises too.

Tastings 2015-09-23 11:09:46


La Rioja Alta: The greatness of Gran Reserva through the decades

Amaya Cervera | September 15th, 2015

Last week, Rioja producer La Rioja Alta held a landmark tasting to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Wines ranged from the legendary 1964 to 2001, which is regarded as the best vintage in modern times.

Tastings 2015-09-15 06:09:38

Wineries to watch

A walk through 21st century Cvne with Víctor Urrutia

Amaya Cervera | September 2nd, 2015

A legendary producer based in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación, Cvne is living a sweet moment backed by awards and recognition. Nevertheless, CEO Víctor Urrutia is far from relaxed.

Wineries to watch 2015-09-02 09:09:48


Tio Pepe comes of age and proves its longevity

Cruz Liljegren | August 31st, 2015

Very old sherries are very hard to find, hence the tasting led by Antonio Flores at Taberna Der Guerrita in Sanlúcar de Barrameda this summer with selections from the 1940s was exceptional.

Tastings 2015-08-31 06:08:55


Xavier Ausàs: “I don’t forget that I’ve made a name thanks to Vega Sicilia”

Amaya Cervera | August 20th, 2015

The Spanish wine world has been rocked by the news of Xavier Ausàs departure from Vega Sicilia. SWL has talked to him about his time at this iconic winery and his plans for the future.

People 2015-08-20 03:08:09

Wineries to watch

El Maestro Sierra: a tale of courage and perseverance

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | August 4th, 2015

The founder was determined to overcome all kinds of difficulties to fulfill his dream of becoming a wine almacenista, so it is no surprise that this renowned sherry winery is managed by three women who excel at going against the tide.

Wineries to watch 2015-08-04 09:08:35

Recommended wines

31 wines to try in August

Amaya Cervera | July 31st, 2015

SWL picks 31 wines to try this summer, one for each day of August. Stay tuned —a new flight of exciting wines will be added to this piece every week.

Recommended wines 2015-07-31 07:07:11


Garnacha, can a grape be sexy?

Amaya Cervera | July 23rd, 2015

A bit showy, definitely pleasing, and probably the tastiest red grape on earth, Garnacha is going through an exciting renaissance in Spain. SWL cheers to its success with this practical style guide.

Grapes 2015-07-23 09:07:59

Recommended wines

Eleven Albariño wines worth waiting for

Amaya Cervera | July 9th, 2015

Albariño is much more than just a white grape from Spain. Despite expanding to other Galician regions beyond its Rías Baixas stronghold, Galicia’s white queen struggles for recognition for its ability to age.

Recommended wines 2015-07-09 06:07:53

Wineries to watch

Scala Dei recovers the heritage of Priorat's monks

Amaya Cervera | July 2nd, 2015

Currently working many of the Carthusian’s historic vineyards, Cellers Scala Dei produces single-vineyard Garnacha wines from sites where monks were present 400 years ago.

Wineries to watch 2015-07-02 09:07:19

Recommended wines

Our red -and white- picks from Priorat

Amaya Cervera | June 25th, 2015

During the three-day conference Espai Priorat held at the end of May we discovered a new trend towards fresher and more approachable styles in this steep, breathtaking region. Here is a selection of some favourites.

Recommended wines 2015-06-25 01:06:43

In depth

Priorat: is it all about terroir?

Amaya Cervera | June 16th, 2015

If it’s been a while since you last tasted a wine from Catalonia’s Priorat, you may be surprised by how much fresher and approachable the wines feel these days. With diversity on the rise, we embark on a journey to discover Priorat’s true character

In depth 2015-06-16 08:06:26

Wineries to watch

Txakoli comes of age

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | June 2nd, 2015

The evolution of this wine in the past 25 years has been considerable thanks in no small part to producers like Itsasmendi, who are unashamedly trying to put txakoli on a level with other great white wines.

Wineries to watch 2015-06-02 10:06:51


Tasting natural, biodynamic and extreme Spanish wines

Amaya Cervera | May 25th, 2015

In a short period of time we have visited various tastings focused on biodynamic, natural and supposedly extreme wines. Here are our picks from what I call the “flip side” of the Spanish wine scene.

Tastings 2015-05-25 01:05:51

Recommended wines

Five Verdejo wines that tell a different story

Amaya Cervera | May 12th, 2015

Verdejo is a tremendously popular, easy-to-drink white wine that can be found almost everywhere in Spain. But Rueda’s native grape is also capable of producing some outstanding, distinctive whites. We select five that break down stereotypes.

Recommended wines 2015-05-12 09:05:28

Wineries to watch

Alejandro Fernández, making wine his own way since 1975

Amaya Cervera | May 4th, 2015

Which are the clues behind Pesquera’s unique reds? We visit Alejandro Fernández and talk to his friends and acquaintances to find out more about one of Ribera del Duero’s most uncompromising characters.

Wineries to watch 2015-05-04 10:05:53


A new generation of brave producers in Rioja (and II)

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | April 21st, 2015

They are young and talented and they all fight to get their wines to mirror the terroir they come from. This is the second part in the series about some of the figures shaping the future in Rioja.

People 2015-04-21 10:04:30


A new generation of brave producers in Rioja (I)

Amaya Cervera | April 8th, 2015

They are young, energetic and set on making wines in their own style. In this two-part piece, we talk to some of the new faces that are likely to shape the future of Rioja.

People 2015-04-08 06:04:30

Wineries to watch

Comando G rescues old Garnacha vines in Gredos

Amaya Cervera | April 2nd, 2015

Meet these young winemakers on a mission: to highlight the quality and potential of old Garnacha vines from the central Spanish Gredos mountains. Their light yet deep and mineral reds are the antithesis of Tempranillo.

Wineries to watch 2015-04-02 10:04:21

Wine regions

Toro: the land of hearty reds and old vines

Amaya Cervera | March 18th, 2015

If there is a Spanish wine region capable of enveloping your palate, that is certainly Toro. Its powerful reds are shaped, in no small part, by the pre-phylloxera vineyards found in this area.

Wine regions 2015-03-18 06:03:58


Southern treasures (II): Pedro Ximénez

Amaya Cervera | March 9th, 2015

The second article of a two-part series about distinctive wines from Andalucía focuses on Montilla-Moriles PX, Spain’s most celebrated sweet wine made with dried grapes.

Tastings 2015-03-09 10:03:03

Wineries to watch

La Rioja Alta hails the revival of Gran Reserva wines

Amaya Cervera | March 3rd, 2015

As this legendary Rioja winery marks its 125 anniversary, we delve into the history and winemaking behind its famous Gran Reservas.

Wineries to watch 2015-03-03 07:03:32


Grape milestone: Spain unearths 210 new varieties

Amaya Cervera | February 18th, 2015

The joint work of 25 research centres and over 70 grape experts unveils a huge –hitherto unknown- varietal diversity in Spain.

News 2015-02-18 07:02:20


Southern treasures (I): Manzanilla

Amaya Cervera | February 17th, 2015

We start a two-part feature focused on two fascinating wines from Andalucía in southern Spain: briny Manzanilla from Sanlúcar and the lovely cloying PX from Montilla-Moriles.

Tastings 2015-02-17 07:02:23

Wineries to watch

Emilio Rojo, the unconventional winegrower

Amaya Cervera | February 3rd, 2015

An unusual and unique character, Emilio Rojo is behind one of the most sought after whites in Spain of which roughly 5,000 bottles are produced each year.

Wineries to watch 2015-02-03 04:02:38


Ten good value wines under €6

Amaya Cervera | January 26th, 2015

We have tasted some of the best selling wines in a well-known wine store in Madrid in search of great value wines to give your pockets an easier ride.

Tastings 2015-01-26 12:01:47

Recommended wines

Five unconventional whites to seek in 2015

Amaya Cervera | January 14th, 2015

Do you fancy tasting something really different in 2015? We suggest five Spanish whites that escape all conventional routes either by their novelty, exotic grapes or style.

Recommended wines 2015-01-14 11:01:10

Wineries to watch

Vega Sicilia, 150 years later

Amaya Cervera | January 5th, 2015

Vega Sicilia has been celebrating its 150th anniversary throughout 2014. We review the history of this legendary Spanish wine and ask owner Pablo Álvarez what has changed along the years.

Wineries to watch 2015-01-05 04:01:55

Recommended wines

Our favourite wines in 2014

Amaya Cervera | December 29th, 2014

The SWL team picks the wines (obviously Spanish) that have moved them most throughout the year. Many thanks to all contributors for sharing these highly personal choices.

Recommended wines 2014-12-29 10:12:01


Touching wine heaven with Vega Sicilia

Amaya Cervera | December 24th, 2014

We have asked some leading figures in the world of wine to recall their most enduring memories of Vega Sicilia on the year this legendary winery celebrates its 150th anniversary.

People 2014-12-24 01:12:31

Recommended wines

Our top cavas and sparkling wines for Christmas

Amaya Cervera | December 18th, 2014

After tasting our way through a great deal of top Cavas and some interesting newcomers in the Spanish fizz market, we list our favourites to toast over the Christmas holidays.

Recommended wines 2014-12-18 02:12:44

In depth

What’s all the fuss about Cava?

Amaya Cervera | December 9th, 2014

With some producers leaving the appellation and others seeking their own path, the regulatory board has announced a high-quality category for Cava. Despite the turmoil, there has never been so much diversity and good quality bubblies in Spain.

In depth 2014-12-09 03:12:52

Wineries to watch

Drinking sherry history at Emilio Hidalgo

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | December 2nd, 2014

Among its 3,200 casks, visitors can feel the efforts carried out by this winery to preserve tradition and the work of generations to maintain a style of wine, beyond fashion trends and business strategies.

Wineries to watch 2014-12-02 01:12:39


Zev Robinson films wine as an agricultural product

Amaya Cervera | November 24th, 2014

His documentaries eschew glamour and actively seek what lies beneath wine, often in isolated rural environments. For Robinson, wine is an agricultural product, not an object of desire.

People 2014-11-24 12:11:50


Five exotic reds to mark Tempranillo Day

Amaya Cervera | November 13th, 2014

No matter whether it comes from Rioja, Ribera del Duero or Castilla-La Mancha… Tempranillo is what we Spaniards drink most often. Sounds boring? We hope these five reds bring some novelty to your palate.

Grapes 2014-11-13 10:11:26


Tempranillo, the Spanish red superstar

Amaya Cervera | November 10th, 2014

Next Thursday, and subsequently every second Thursday in November, is International Tempranillo Day. Curiously enough, this celebration originated in the US but we thought it was a great opportunity to recall Tempranillo’s origins and styles of wines.

Grapes 2014-11-10 06:11:45

Wineries to watch

Marqués de Murrieta. Back to its glory days

Amaya Cervera | November 3rd, 2014

Located on the outskirts of Logroño, this legendary Rioja winery has been closed to the public since 2005, immersed in a comprehensive renovation of its historic buildings. The spectacular Ygay estate has finally reopened its doors to visitors.

Wineries to watch 2014-11-03 10:11:35


The rain in Spain misses the plain

Amaya Cervera | October 27th, 2014

With few exceptions, 2014 has failed to be a relaxed harvest in Spain. Some of the best producers in the country give us their verdict and recall their sometimes stressful experiences.

Vintages 2014-10-27 08:10:24


Visiting Abadía Retuerta with Ángel Anocíbar

José Honorio | October 22nd, 2014

No doubt winemaker Ángel Anocíbar knows well the intricacies of Abadía Retuerta, in Ribera del Duero. That’s why we have asked him to show us around this beautiful winery.

Videos 2014-10-22 11:10:08


Everyone can be a Spanish wine lover

Amaya Cervera | October 13th, 2014

There are many good reasons to try Spanish wines. Diversity is number one - I’d bet that every wine lover could be captivated by a style of wine, a grape variety or a region in Spain.

Basics 2014-10-13 12:10:00


Jean-Guillaume Prats is a Spanish wine lover

Amaya Cervera | October 8th, 2014

The CEO of Estates & Wines, the LVMH luxury group’s wines division, visited Madrid last week for the launch of a new vintage of Numanthia. We got the chance to talk to him about Spanish wine.

People 2014-10-08 10:10:43

Wineries to watch

Alonso del Yerro, terroir-driven wines in Ribera

Amaya Cervera | October 6th, 2014

It is not easy to stand out in Ribera del Duero, neither to commit to quality in times of recession but after 10 years of hard work, Viñedos Alonso del Yerro have made a name for themselves among the most distinguished brands in the appellation.

Wineries to watch 2014-10-06 12:10:54


Wine & Culinary: Creativity vs conformity

Amaya Cervera | September 29th, 2014

Under the subject of Creativity and Market, the 2nd International Wine & Culinary Forum gathered leading wine and gastronomy professionals in an intense and inspiring day.

News 2014-09-29 10:09:10


The highs and lows of grape varieties in Spain

Félix Cabello | September 27th, 2014

Which grape varieties are widely planted in Spain? Are there any fighting for survival? The last article in our grape patrimony series presents the figures

Grapes 2014-09-27 01:09:18


Grenache soils in Spain

Amaya Cervera | September 22nd, 2014

Grenache is widely planted across Spain, where it grows in the most diverse type of soils. In this piece, Amaya Cervera digs up the most distinctive, explains where these soils are found and the kind of wines they produce.

Grapes 2014-09-22 09:09:39


10 great-value reds to celebrate Grenache day

Amaya Cervera | September 18th, 2014

Next Friday Grenache wine lovers will be celebrating G-Day all over the word. Spanish wine lovers are very lucky to have fantastic Grenache-based reds offering outstanding value.

Grapes 2014-09-18 12:09:47


Peter Sisseck, portrait of a mature winemaker

Amaya Cervera | September 16th, 2014

This article is linked to the first post in our Photoblog. Pepe Franco is the author of an extensive photographic report about Peter Sisseck, the Danish winemaker behind Pingus in Ribera del Duero and a leading figure in Spanish wine.

People 2014-09-16 10:09:36


I say Malvasía, You say Rojal

Félix Cabello | September 13th, 2014

Historical errors abound when it comes to identifying grape varieties. Chilean Carmenère was thought to be Merlot and Albariño vines planted in Australia turned out to be Savagnin. Spain has also suffered some mix-ups with Albillo and Malvasía vines.

Grapes 2014-09-13 09:09:18


How many grapes are there in Spain?

Félix Cabello | August 23rd, 2014

In a three-part series, our grape expert Félix Cabello writes about three key areas of a study carried out in Spain over the last years: number of grape varieties, some conflicting issues around them which have now been resolved and vineyard ranking.

Grapes 2014-08-23 03:08:27

Wineries to watch

Belondrade, 20 years standing up for whites

Amaya Cervera | August 21st, 2014

A pioneer in Rueda, Belondrade has celebrated its 20th anniversary uncorking wines dating back to 2001, thus showing an endless obsession with making the best possible Verdejo whites.

Wineries to watch 2014-08-21 03:08:19


A practical glance at Spain's wine regions

Amaya Cervera | August 19th, 2014

I’ve tried to draw a mental map that divides Spain's main wine regions by style and type of wine. I hope it can be used as a practical guide to confront the shelves of your local wine store in a more relaxed way.

Basics 2014-08-19 12:08:16