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Passion for Spanish wine


In 1989, Juan Luis Pérez de Eulate traveled to Palma for a one-week stay but never returned home to Pamplona. For this computer specialist, wine was one of his passions so it wasn’t long before he changed professions. In 1992, he opened the wine store La Vinoteca in Palma’s historic district. The small, cosy space he opened in a pedestrian area soon became uncomfortable for logistics, but that changed when he moved to his current location in Pere Bartomeu Pou street, where he owns a large and highly accessible store which has been welcoming clients for 18 years now.

Since its early days, La Vinoteca has been a key player in Mallorca’s wine scene. With around 90 producers in its portfolio, distribution is Eulate’s main activity. Temperature-controlled warehouses –and air-conditioned vans used for deliveries– are proof of how seriously wine is handled here.

For 20 years, Juan Luis Pérez de Eulate run the two-year event La Magia del Bodeguero, a real favourite for wine producers since it was first held in 1995 –back then, it was unusual to find some of Spain’s flagship wines under one roof. The last edition of La Magia del Bodeguero was held in 2015; according to Juan Luis, “it had already accomplished the goal of spreading the world about new wines and regions.”

Wine tastings and events have been and still are a constant feature in this wine store with close to 2,800 products on sale including international wines, sparkling, sherry and spirits. A vertical tasting of 4 Kilos, one of Mallorca’s best known wines, was held at La Vinoteca just two days before our visit.

The trend now, says Pérez de Eulate, is to reduce the amount of introductory wine courses in favour of tastings, producer presentations and leisure events. Some major tastings include Vinovedades, an annual presentation of new releases held at La Vinoteca’s warehouse, the music and wine party “Verdejo Night” or a BBQ held in February to present the new vintage of P. de María, Juan Luis’s own wine produced in partnership with Macià Batle.

In the store, wine lovers will enjoy a mix of wines by respected producers from well-established wine regions along with small and new projects that are driving trends and reshaping styles in Spanish wine. A.C.