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Elisa Úcar and Enrique Basarte, a couple with years of experience in the wine world, started this project to rescue plots of old vine Garnacha located around the village of San Martín de Unx, in Baja Montaña (low mountain), a sub-area of the DO Navarra.

The 27 plots are independently farmed and undergo 20 or 21 different vinifications. They vary greatly, both in altitude (between 400 and 750 metres) as well as soils and aspects. The emphasis is on respectful viticultural practices that avoid the use of pesticides. Compost and biodynamic preparations are used in order to obtain porous healthy soils.

The winery works with native yeasts, stainless steel vinifications and aging in French oak, with casks ranging between 225 and 700 litres. There are two wines in its portfolio. El Terroir, with a production of about 30,000 bottles and La Dama, with 4,000 bottles. The style is fresh and intense, with marked juiciness and persistent finish.

Domaines Lupier is the perfect example of a new breed of small wineries that emerged in the 2000s. They are committed to recovering old vineyards and native varieties and strive to produce wines that reflect the terroir where they are located.


El Terroir 2010 Tinto
La Dama 2010 Tinto
El Terroir 2012 Tinto
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