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Located in Barbastro (Huesca), Viñas del Vero is the largest producer in Somontano, Aragon’s northernmost wine region. Founded in 1986 with the support of the local authorities, it was intended to speed up the development of the appellation as it successfully did. The first wines were released in 1990; most of them were made from international grapes along with the indigenous Tempranillo, Moristel, Garnacha and Macabeo. In 2008 González Byass acquired Viñas del Vero —it has been part of its group of wineries ever since.

The winery uses gravity throughout the winemaking process thanks to a 13-metre drop in its layout. In terms of vineyards, Viñas del Vero owns 515 hectares and sources grapes from a further 500Ha in order to produce around 5m bottles.

An advocate of international grapes in Spain, Viñas del Vero has fallen victim to the general shift towards indigenous varieties. Regardless of this setback, the wines still offer good value and varietal character, specially in the “Colección” range. With prices ranging from €7 to €11 in Spain, it includes single-varietal wines made from Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, a Pinot Noir rosé and the reds Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah. Blends are preferred for the top “Selección” range retailing around €16 in Spain. Viñas del Vero have never revealed the grapes blended in the complex, interesting white Clarión while the Gran Vos red is made from international varieties.

Their most notable approach to local grapes is Secastilla, a separate project focused on the recovery of old Garnacha vines in the Secastilla valley, barely 40 kilometres away from the Pyrenees. The range includes Secastilla (around €23 in Spain), the entry level red La Miranda de Secastilla (€9), a blend of Syrah and indigenous Parraleta and a White Grenache La Miranda which until very recently was exclusively sold overseas.

Blecua (around €65 in Spain) is their most expensive red. A blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Tempranillo, it is aged in barrel for 20 months in state-of-the-art, separate facilities.

A variety of winery tours are offered. Visitors can choose between the standard tour of Viñas del Vero and Blecua wineries and the tasting of three wines; a premium tasting including the top Blecua or a Segway ride through the vineyards.


La Miranda de Secastilla Garnacha Blanca 2014 Blanco
Clarión Selección 2014 Blanco


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