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Wine & Food

Is Sherry the most versatile wine in the world?

Sue Style | November 8th, 2016

To anyone who loves Sherry, it’s a constant source of bewilderment just how misunderstood this magnificent wine can be. Our contributor Sue Style tries to entice novice drinkers to this multi-faceted wine with a wide array of international pairings.

Wine & Food 2016-11-08 08:11:39

Wine & Food

Wine and food pairing: is it an overrated practice?

Amaya Cervera | October 14th, 2016

How can we bring wine and food pairing into our daily lives without being too prissy or complicating things too much? These are our thoughts after taking part in the Wine & Culinary conference held in Barcelona last Sunday.

Wine & Food 2016-10-14 12:10:38

Wine & Food

Sherry 101: An introduction to styles and pairings

Yolanda Ortiz de Arri | October 25th, 2015

On the eve of Sherry Week, Spanish Wine Lover joins the celebrations with this introduction to Sherry wines, styles and how to best enjoy them with a meal.

Wine & Food 2015-10-25 07:10:23

Wine & Food

Pairing cheese and Spanish whites

Amaya Cervera | February 20th, 2015

After taking part in a highly stimulating white Rioja wine and cheese tasting, we have asked expert Guillermina Sánchez Cerezo to suggest five perfect pairings Made in Spain.

Wine & Food 2015-02-20 08:02:51