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Passion for Spanish wine


This is a small family-owned winery focused on natural wines and established by Joan Ramon Escoda, a pioneer and a reference within the natural movement in Spain. In fact, Escoda was a founder of the Natural Wine Producers' Association (PVN), he actively participates in numerous events and tastings focused on this type of wines both in Spain and abroad, and is in touch with producers from other countries sharing the same philosophy.

He is definitely one of the most restless and consistent characters of the natural movement. He discovered biodynamic in the Loire and, as he himself says, "one thing led me to another." In 2003 and 2004 he still added sulphur to his wines before bottling, but since 2005 no intervention is performed at all. Although all wines are carefully analyzed, Escoda doesn't always pay attention to figures and truly uses his intuition. In 2013 he produced 40,000 bottles out of eight hectares of vineyard.

The range of wines includes two Chenin Blanc whites (that reflects how passionate he is about Loire): the oak-aged Els Bassots (€16) and the young Els Bassotets (€11), both with leather nuances, but showing fresh fruit and character. Reds are based on Mediterranean and Bordelaise grape varieties. The entry level Nas de Gegant (€11) combines the two types of grapes to offer wild fruits, blackberries and fresh herbaceous notes, while Coll de Sabater (€13) is a blend of Merlot and a remarkably vivid Cabernet Franc. Les Paradetes (€17) (Sumoll, Samsó and Garnatxa) stands out for its acidity and juiciness, while La Llopetera (€17) is a Pinot Noir single varietal.

Joan Ramón Escoda is quite suspicious of how fashionable natural wines are becoming. As there is no organization controlling what is being done in the vineyards and the winery, "there comes a time” –he states– “in which the wine itself has to talk." Escoda is a partner in Barcelona’s Bar Brutal, a wine bar specialized (how could it be otherwise) in natural wines.


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